Friday, August 29


Just got the Mixtape and its hott as fuck. You need to cop this. Haters are gunna cop it listen, know its hott, and telln you its wack. So idc who you are but u need to cop this. FOR SURE!!!!!
Shouts to HIF...

DJ 1Mic & Hear-It-First.Net - Redefining The Grind Vol.1

1. DJ 1Mic - DJ 1Mic & Hear It First Intro
2. MassiveTrip - Massive Trip “Grind” Intro
3. BC - No Diggity
4. St.Laz - Hear-It-First.Net feat. Opium/Pottersfield
5. T.I. - Swagga Like Us feat. Kanye West, JayZ, Lil Wayne[Original HIF Exclusive]
6. BK Cyph - Watcher Freestyle
7. Jay Starr - Gotta Eat
8. LuNeY TuNeZ - Powerful Drawz feat. Gorilla Zoe & Yung Joc
9. Young Chris - Anybody Can Get It feat. Cassidy, Omillio Spark & Red Cafe[MassiveTrip]
10. Crew54 - Feel Me feat. Alpha2020
11. J-Pich - Heard-It-First feat. JayZ, Young Buck, The Game[DJ EMI Remix]
12. Tenfoe - Head Held Down
13. G.C. - Celebrity
14. Kanye West - We Really Do This feat. Lil Wayne, Tyga, Travie, David Banner & Scarface
15. Revenue Hefner - Yes I’m Fresh feat. TDK
16. Raimann - Hear It First Interlude
17. Bama - Aint Worried Bout It feat. Slick Pulla
18. T-Dub - A Millie Freestyle
19. Arif - Walk It Out
20. The Game - World Peace feat. Jay-Z
21. Rimos Locos - Rien Dans Les Poches feat. Biggie
22. GotBillz - “Earthquake” Freestyle
23. Lil’ Ben aka Smitty - Imma G feat. Wreck-A-Mic
24. The Kool Kids - Drivin Down The Freeway Block [Sylent Efx Remix]
25. Red Café - Paper Planes feat. Freeway, Styles P., Jadakiss & Jim Jones [MassiveTrip]
26. True Skillz - Who Want Dramas Wit Us feat. Mic Geronimo
27. BK Cyph - Getcha Money feat. Shakespeare
28. Tenfoe - Trapp feat. C Milli, Van Dam
29. MassiveTrip - MassiveTrip “Mash Up” Outro
30. DJ 1Mic- DJ 1Mic & Hear-It-First Outro

DJ 1Mic & Hear-It-First.Net - Redefining The Grind Vol.1: The Leftovers

1. Raimann - Hear It First Leftovers Intro
2. Bruce Almighty - Damn
3. G.C. - Phone Home
4. Jay Starr - Blood
5. Majesty - You Don’t Know feat. M.C. Magic
6. Tenfoe - Hustle Fo My Own
7. Notorious B.I.G - Deadly Combination 2008 feat. Stack Bundles, Big L & 2pac [MassiveTrip]
8. Tevon Rease - Set It Off
9. Lil’ Ben aka Smitty - 24’s
10. 71 Art - On Debarque
11. GotBillz - Doin My Thang
12. TMB Da Click - Get It Up Shawty
13. T-Dub - We Fly High Freestyle
14. Cutty Kool - Time to Wake Up
15. Blur - Give It Up
16. Knightstalker & DJ Story - Rookie Of The Year
17. J-Rose - Come Fuck Wit Us feat. Jaego
18. Revenue Hefner - P.I.M.P Show feat. E-40
19. Playmakaz - Keep It On The Low
20. Beyond Belief - Don’t Touch
21. True Skillz - Nobody’s Angel To Mix
22. Chris Cus - Your Everything (Remix) feat. Reks
23. Raimann - Hear It First Leftovers Outro

Its About Time....

TooKnown's Info of the Day

It took them this long to get this new studio. I remember when they used to be The Projects, Danny and Tony, were part of that. But now they are The Slumbers. But thats not what were here for. They used to be set up in this little, in size not quality, studio and all it had were 2 rooms. Now we got all this other good shit. So ima shut up and CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!!!! Monday sept. 1st its goin down!!!!!!

Ima be there for tha opening maybe even before so ima have a video for you soon so stay tuned for that new shit comin from these 2 cats below. Comin with some new heat!!!!!
Shouts to GC...

GC feat PT - Big Dreams (Remix) [Hot Fiya]

Thursday, August 28

Oh Yea.. Its My Birthday...

TooKnown's Info of the Day

So, today I was looking thru the blogs I normally go thru everyday(and its alot) and I saw the sickest thing on this one blog. Oh shit...juss read!!!!!!

Taken from the cool cats over at MickBoogie

Nike honors the American flag...

American Flag of Sneakers
Nike’s Hyperdunk exhibit in NYC, paying homage to the :
USA Olympic basketball team.
Nike Basketball: The Commitment @ The House of Hoops Harlem

Wednesday, August 27

Somthing New...

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

And also different too. Ok. So I was chillin at my crib with some home boys and one of my neighbors, he plays guitar, hits me up and tells me to listen to his new shit and i was like damn this shits pretty sick. So I told him I post it on my blog for all my viewers to listen to and maybe even download if you want. But RESPECT AND COMMENT!!!!
Shouts to Rich...

Rich Olivier - Lil Guitar Play [SickRock] (Snippet)

Tuesday, August 26

The Legend's Son Passes....

TooKnown's Info of the Day

*From Yahoo! News*

-Los Angeles (E! Online) - The son of hip-hop icon Dr. Dre died at his home this weekend.

"Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr. Please respect his family's grief and privacy at this time," rep Lori Earl tells E! News.

The 20-year-old Andre was found unresponsive by his mother Saturday morning, after a night out with friends, authories say.

"Police arrived and declared him [deceased]," says Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County coroner's office, adding there was "no visible trauma or the like."

The precise cause of death won't be known for up to eight weeks, when toxicology tests are completed.

An award-winning producer and musician, Dre has worked with many in the music industry, from his days with NWA to protégés Snoop Dogg and Eminem to Burt Bacharach.

Monday, August 25

Official Tracklist & Cover!!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Official Tracklist & Cover!!!

Said to be not the "OFFICIAL" cover this is just one to keep people happy. Haha..Yesterday I had put out like half the tracklisting for the ENTIRE 2 Disc Mixtape (DJ 1Mic & Hear-It-First - Redefining The Grind Vol.1) And On The Bonus Disc (DJ 1Mic & Hear-It-First - Redefining The Grind Vol.1: The Leftovers). But now they released the tracklist for the first one, not the leftovers. Here it is!!!!!!

01. DJ 1Mic & Hear-It-First Intro
02. MassiveTrip Grind Intro
03. BC - No Diggity
04. St.Laz Feat OpiumPottersfield - HearItFirst.Net [Hot Fiya]
05. T.I Ft Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne - Swagga Like Us (Original HIF Exclusive) [Hot Fiya]
06. BK Cyph - Watcher Freestyle
07. Jay Starr - Gotta Eat
08. Luney Tunez Ft Gorilla Zoe & Yung Joc - Powerful Drawz
09. Young Chris Ft Cassidy, Omillio Spark & Red Cafe - Anybody Can Get It (MassiveTrip Blnd)
10. Crew54 Ft Alpha 2020 - Feel Me.
11. J-Pich Ft Jay-Z, Young Buck, The Game - Heard-It-First (DJ EMI Remix)
12. Tenfoe - Head Held Down
13. GC - Celebrity
14. Kanye West Ft. Lil’ Wayne, Tyga, Travis McCoy, David Banner, & Scarface - We Really Do This (DJ EMI Remix)
15. The Game Ft JayZ - World Peace
16. Hear It First Interlude
17. Rimos Locos Ft Biggie - Rien Dans Les Poches
18. ?????? - ??????
19. Bama Ft Slick Pulla - Aint Worried Bout It
20. BK Cyph Ft Shakespeare - Getcha Money
21. Arif - Walk it Out
22. T-Dub - A Millie Freestyle
23. GotBillz - Freestyle Earthquake
24. Nautik - Cant Tell Me Nuthin
25. ?????? - ??????
26. Lil Ben AKA Smitty Ft Wreck-A-Mic - Imma G
27. The Kool Kids - Drivin Down The Freeway Block (Sylent Efx Remix)
28. Red Cafe Ft Freeway, Styles P., Jadakiss & Jim Jones - Paper Planes (MassiveTrip Exclusive Rmx)
29. True Skillz Ft Mic Geronimo - Who Want Dramas Wit Us
30. Revenue Hefner Ft TDK - Yes I’m Fresh
31. Tenfoe Ft C Milli & Van Dam - Trapp.
32. Hear It First Outro.
33. DJ 1Mic & Hear-It-First Outro

Theres 2 unknown tracks but ill be updatin it A.S.A.P.!!!

Saturday, August 23

Redefining The Grind Vol.1

TooKnown's Info of the Day

So I was on HIF(one of the hottest & hated Hip-Hop Blog sites on the net) and saw this very interesting thig.....a Mixtape that featured GC.....more than ONCE..and he didnt even ask to be on it..haha and dude said that he!!!!!

Heres some info from Rainman himself.
"Iight this has been in the works for 2 months, and we have finally came up with the list of Mc’s that will be featured on the Main Mixtape (DJ 1Mic & Hear-It-First - Redefining The Grind Vol.1) And On The Bonus Disc (DJ 1Mic & Hear-It-First - Redefining The Grind Vol.1: The Leftovers) The cover is being worked on as we speak." LINK
But heres a like half of the TrackList...

Majesty Ft MC Magic - You Don’t Know
71 Art - On Debarque
Rimos Locos Ft Biggie - Rien Dans Les Poches
Lil Ben - 24’s
J-Rose ft Jaego - Come Fuck Wit Us (Serious)
Jay Starr - Gotta Eat
Jay Starr - 50 Bars
Jay Starr - Blood
Bruce Almighty - Damn
GC - Celebrity
Crew54 ft Alpha 2020 - Feel Me
Cutty Kool - Do It Like
DUTCH New York ft Don Pistol - Do Your Thing
GotBillz - Doin My Thang
GotBillz - Freestyle Earthquake
GC - Phone Home
Cutty Kool - Time to Wake Up
BK Cyph - Watcher Freestyle
Bama Ft Slick Pulla - Aint Worried Bout It
Beyond Belief - Don’t Touch
BK Cyph Ft Shakespeare - Getcha Money
Beyond Belief - Limit
BC - No Diggity
Chris Cus Ft Reks - Your Everything Remix

But when that shit comes out GO COP IT!!!

Oh heres that pic of the other mixtape that GC didnt even know he was on!! Get on his level!!! HA



TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Another hott joint from that dude with the crazy tracks!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Streetz & Young Deuces - Welcome 2 The Mil [Fire]

Ima Make a Classic Outa Klassik....ha...

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Ok so last night were all about to go to the club for the SHOW, when dude GC hits me up talkin bout how no one came out last night cuz tha peeps that were supposed to promote for the show didnt (fuckboys). So in the end nuttin went down and Rick Ross, Brisco, Flo, New Breed, Freshboy, Spyda, GC everyone..went home. This was of course after Papa Smirf told Ross and everyone not to even bother. So a bunch of people were pissed. But theres nuttin you could do now, But listen to this new track by GC...listen its HOTT hahaha!!! 
SHOW LOVE & COMMENT!!!!.......cuz you know you gon love it!!!!
Shouts to GC...

GC - Tha Answer (Klassik Diss)

What Klassik Looks Like -- CLICK HERE -- GC told me too..hahaha

He's not even worth a link or a spot on my page.

Thursday, August 21

AC Said the Droughts Over....

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

New track from AC that I forgot to post this morning when i actually got it. So here you go!!!!!
Shouts to AC...

AC feat. Solange - T.O.N.Y. [Fire]

Sign This Petition.....DO IT!!!

TooKnown's Info of the Day

So I was on the web, and I saw this petition that my homeboy BFochs is trying to get everyone to sign. I obviously signed it and when u click this link and read what its for you will too!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 20

Jockin' GC, Jockin' GC!!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Ok, sittin at my house with some homeboys and my dude GC hits me up with a track he just laid down today. The track itself just came out I don't know if you have heard of it..maybe you have Jockin' Jay-Z?? yea well listen and learn... COMMENT AND SHOWW LOVEEE!!!!!
Shouts to GC...

GC - Jockin GC Freestyle [Hot Fiya]

Sunday, August 17


TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got two new tracks from that dude Mr. Brown out tha Midwest. These are off his upcoming street album "Charlie". Check the myspace is below for more info!!!!! 
Shouts to BFochs...

Mr. Brown - Still Alive [Hot Fiya]

Mr. Brown - Charlie Pt. 2 [Fire]


Friday, August 15

He Hooked It Up...

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

So my homie over at BBB (Bfochs-Beats-Blog) sent me this email with a couple tracks inside talkin bout this kid outa Milwaukee called Mr. Brown. He's with one of the greats on this one but no doubt this kids gunna BLOW. Then came at me with this Dirtbag track dissin some of my homeboys but its all good its RAP! CHECK IT & RESPECT IT!!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Mr. Brown feat. Coo Coo Cal - Boss [Hot Fiya]
Dirtbag - Hatin' Vs. Pullin' Cards [Rick Ross/Plies Diss]

Thursday, August 14

FreshBoy & J.Dog - Interview

TooKnown's Video of the Day

So like I said before I have been editing that interview well at the end of this interview theres a lil exclusive preview of the new song by GC & J.Dog off of their new mixtape "West Palm Vietnam". So check the vid. Tell me what you think and ENJOY!!!!!

New Crew Member...

TooKnown's Info of the Day

So as i sit here and edit the interview I just did with J.Dog and FreshBoy and GC txts me tellin me that we have a new member of Block Runnaz. His name is Spyda and he is one of a kind. He has his own style and flow and its crazy sick so check him out and heres a couple of colabos that GC & Spyda did. But one I can't post is GC's SINGLE "Let's Ride". So wait for that one but check out these!!!!!
BlockRunnaz includes :
Young Mec
Ox B
and now...Spyda

GC feat. FreshBoy & Spyda - Missin' Her [Old Joint]

GC feat Spyda - Paradise [Fire/NoDJ]

Tuesday, August 12

I Can Dance But J. Can't....

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Ok, so J hit me up said that I was going to be the only one with a copy of his track. I respect that but i also respect yall ears and you guys need to hear this. He told me to not leak it. Well I'm not going to leak it but I got a snippet for yall to hear and then yall go to J's myspace and show some love!!!!!
Shouts to J....

J.Dog -I Can't Dance [Hot Fiya]

Monday, August 11

Some Studio Time....

TooKnown's Video of the Day

I'm in the studio right now with GC and J.Dog and Tony from Dae
Dor....this is some sneak peak from their new mixtape West Palm

Nuttin' On Me - GC feat. Mike Wong

TooKnown's Video of the Day

Here we go again...hittin you guys up with the first of MANY videos from GC and Manic.
so ENJOY!!! and COMMENT!!!

I have the HDQ on my website but its under construction. So soon you'll be able to check it soon but heres the link MY SITE
click on my Blog (my old one) and go thru the archive. Nuttin on Me is the name.


Southern Hustler Freestyles GC Edition

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

I had posted this on my other blog but I thought it would be right to post it here as well..I got the entire DJ Unreal & GC mixtape, Southern Hustler Freestyles GC Edition. Its a hott ass mixtape. Deff one to pick DO IT!!!! SHOW LOVE!!!!!
Shouts to DJ Unreal...


01 - Crazy World
02 - We Here Now [Hot Fiya]
03 - Aint Got Nothing On Me feat. Mike Wong [Fire]
04 - Paradise
05 - Ride feat. Nikasosmo0th
06 - Kissed A Girl [Hot Fiya]
07 - Lost [Hot Fiya]
08 - Memory Lane
09 - Why Me
10 - Girls Around The World feat. Freshboy
11 - Peace Sign
12 - Pop It 4 Pimp
13 - Mr Carter
14 - Dope Boyz
15 - Alien feat. J Dog [Fire]
16 - You Don't Want That
17 - I Got Bass
18 - My Life
19 - Put On [Fire]
20 - You're Everything

I think the whole mixtapes hott but I thought I should show you my favorites.


Sunday, August 10


TooKnown's First Post

Coming from its a big change. I used to do my blog there on my own website but I thought that it would be more professional to do my blog over here and keep it suit and tie over there. So enjoy!!!!
Shouts to GC...

GC - Dope Boys [Fire]