Friday, October 31

GC to Bruce Almighty

TooKnown's Info/Video of the Day

A day or two ago GC and DJ Unreal came thru to do a lil interview but were doing another Unreal interview at an undisclosed location...haha..but GC stepped up and wanted to say a few words about the recent beef between GC and Bruce Almighty...Both tracks are below the video!!!!!

UPDATE - There has been a recent diss, outted on my C-BOX by the one and only Tenfoe.
Lets see what GC has to say.......

GC to Bruce Almighty

GC - Bruce Almighty Diss [Hot Fiya]

Bruce Almighty - GC Diss


TooKnown's Info of the Day

So as I was on iTunes this very nice Halloween morning, I came across something that shouldnt of been out for another week or so. Umm.. only thing I can say is iTunes FUCKED UPP!?!!!!!! So if you got the couple bucks to spare go ahead and DOWNLOAD one of the dopest CDs "out" now....if not cop it on the 11th!!!!!!


Rock YOUR Beat!!

TooKnown's Info of the Day

Straight from the email!!!!


-Looking to get your production into the hands of one of the hottest groups in the business right now??? Here is your chance!!! Enter the first ever "Streetz & Young Deuces Rock Your Beat" Contest. Here is the breakdown, you submit one of your beats and EMP Entertainment artists Streetz & Young Deuces will personally select the hottest beat out of all the entrys and use it for a track on an upcoming nationally released mixtape that they are working on. The winner of this contest will not only get their work showcased on a nationally released and distributed Streetz & Young Deuces, but will also receive FREE Crunk Energy Drink merchandise and a FREE EMP Entertainment T-shirt, you can't go wrong with that! In order to get in on this chance of a lifetime, this is all you need to do..

-submit one beat to by November 28th. (make sure it is tagged)

-wait for December 31st, that is when judging will be done and when the winner will be announced.

-if you have any questions send them to they will be answered promptly!


Tuesday, October 28

The "L" Word

TooKnown's Leak of the Day
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GO G-MEN!!!!

TooKnown's Info of the Day

So once again the Giants last time I'm a lil late but thats kinda like the Giants. I mean winning is winning but come on. Don't stress me out like that. We were loosing 12-14 in the 4th..came back to win GIANTS 21 - Steelers 14!!!!!

Monday, October 27

Another Banger from MILTOWN!!!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Ray Rizzy is dat dude peep his new street anthem "I'm Jackin'" MILTOWN STAND UP!!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Ray Rizzy - I'm Jackin' [Fire]

Ray Rizzy - I'm Jackin' Instrumental

Back In Action!!!!!

TooKnown's Videos of the Week

This weeks installment includes a bunch of different all u can expect to do is most of them..haha...sry for not being here I was moving my shit up to Orlando where ima be posted up getting not only Miami and the SFlorida movement on the map..but now ORLANDO! yall back or get with the movement!!!!!!!

XXL Photo Shoot : The 10 Freshman
Wale, B.O.B., Ace Hood, Curren$y, Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, Kid Cudi, Corey Gunz, Mickey Factz & Blu

Sarah Palin on SNL

Tha Carter III 2????

Kanye Presents New Single : Coldest Winter
hot track!!!

"Are You Gay Mr. Carter"
dude clowns on Wayne...haha

Slip & Slide.... Take It To the House!!!!

TooKnown's Info of the Day

Received 2 more interviews from the homies over at here yall go!! Shits on POINT!!!!
Shouts to M.O.P....

Camar (from Slip N Slide)

Nino Bless Interview on M.O.P.

Wednesday, October 22

2 Producers, 1 Beat, 1 Problem....

TooKnown's Info of the Day

So the BET awards was hott and all but there was something getting even hotter behind the scenes. When I say behind the scenes I mean BEHIND THE SCENES! Anyways, what happened was Lil Wayne's song "A Milli"..and u know what., Ima let Rasha Ent. explain what actually went down..Trust me whoever is involved in the Producing and Beat making of songs..KEEP YOUR SHIT ON LOCK!!!!!!!!

Oh I forgot to mention..the FIRST "A Milli" beat is part of this article...and to me it looks like not just one of these cats need credit...cuz without either of them this beat is not really A MILLI!!

Monday, October 20

Wale, B.o.B., Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, Corey Gunz, Blu, Mickey Factz, Ace Hood, Curren$y & Kid Cudi

TooKnown's Info of the Day

I know I don't usually post shit like this but this is a lil different. Not only does it invole some of the sickest on the BLOG GAME but they are all either Indie/Underground artists. From b.o.b. on his music video game or Charles Hamilton and Asher Roth on there freestyle games or Corey Gunz and Mickey Factz...all these artists are sick and I hope maybe one day we'll link up!!! haha...HIT ME UPPP!!!!! haha...
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This Dudes Pretty Slick!!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

So Scooby hit up this dude that lives all the way out in Cali, yes we fuck with everystate, and I had a chance to talk with him last night. Dude sent over some tracks and DAMN!! Ha...thats all I gotta say. If you heard of JD from the Bay..he has changed it to Pretty Slick..and thats exactly what his songs are. So PEEP, ENJOY AND COMMENT!!!!!!!!
Shouts to Pretty Slick...

Pretty Slick feat. Torrey Tee - Freaky [Fire]

Pretty Slick feat. YB & Torrey Tee - I'm So Fresh [Hot Fiya]

Pretty Slick feat. Git Fresh - Booty Music [Hot Fiya]


Sunday, October 19

Back Like Crack in the 80's...

TooKnown's Info of the Day

So I am happy to say that the Giants DID win today with a good lead of course, I didn't mean to forget about posting the last game where we had lost to a loosing team but you know we are the head of our division which is the
NFC East.
1. Giants (4-1)
2. Redskins
3. Cowboys
4. Eagles
Which takes us back to todays game, final score was GIANTS 29 - 49ers 17....GO GMEN on our quest back to the superbowl!!!!!

I Wanna Rock and Roll

TooKnown's Video/Leak of the Day

A couple of weeks ago I went down to MIA with a homie of mine, Rich, you mighta seen him on here before with a little rip of his, but this time we went down to meet up with GC, and create a track for him. Not knowing that it was going to be used for this. I think that for the time used(*instruments wise* took only a couple hours*) It came out rediculous. Now imagine if they went in together for a day or 2?!? It was a battle and a half to get this track(track at the bottom)..RESPECT AND COMMENT!!!!!!!!
Shouts to GC...

Heres the first time rich heard the drums beat.
He played to it first time hearing. Here it is....

J.Dog feat. GC - I Wanna Rock and Roll [Hot Fiya]

Saturday, October 18

Political Videos Galore!!!! haha

TooKnown's Videos of the Week

This week includes a couple more presidential vids then any other week. I don't know why? But its just how it is. Im pretty involved in the Election goin on this year and if anyone isnt voting for OBAMA you are fucking nuts. FOR REAL!!!!!!!

Sarah Palin - Hockey Game...

Kat Williams - "Pimpin' Pimpin'"
new DVD

Young Jeezy for Obama

Obama's Best Youtube Video..
haha watch McCain!

Friday, October 17

Heres Pt. 2

TooKnown's Video of the Day

Heres Part 2 to this M.O.P. exclusive interview with female rapper Nina B. Continues her talk with speakin' on her mixtapes, interent, fav. blogs, x much more. ENJOY!!!!!!
Shouts to M.O.P....

    PART 1 
(first part of Nina B)

Part 2

Thursday, October 16

Quote THIS!!!!

TooKnown's Video of the Day

In this interview, ya boy Qwote speaks on his past, gettin' a record deal with Slip N Slide, his album, collabos and much more!!!!!!!!!
Shouts to MusicOnPlay...

Nas Cover Remake!! MIXTAPE LEAK!!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Shouts to CH...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Shouts to HIF...

I'm Sorry To Say.....

TooKnown's Info/Video of the Day

I'm sorry to inform all the people, sites, DJs waiting for this mixtape to drop, J.Dog has told me that (not to mention the joke he made of why its pushed back) he's funny as fuck, but dude has a SICK ASSS mixtape coming out. Hosted by DJ Papa Smirf, but yes it has been pushed back. To early-mid November. SO until then...I got some exclusives!!!!! Not to mention all the other ones I LEAKED!!!!!
Shouts to J....


*J.Dog feat. GC  - I Don't See Yall [Hot Fiya] *

*J.Dog feat. B1 - Neighborhood Superstars [Fire] *

J.Dog feat. Spyda - Respect Me [Hot Fiya]

J.Dog - Back In the Lab [Fire]

J.Dog- Go Hard [Hot Fiya]

J.Dog - Mr. Underground [Fire]

Wednesday, October 15

Curren$y - Interview

TooKnown's Video of the Day

Got another interview from THAT DUDE at MusicOnPlay. Of course its with the fire spitter Curren$y, can't wait for his next project HOLLA!!!!!!
Shouts to MusicOnPlay...

Sunday, October 12


TooKnown's Leak of the Day

DJ Unreal has just dropped a new tape and its SO HOTT!! Not only is T.I. and a bunch of other rappers but 3 I wanted to point out were on TRACK #4!!!!! GET LIKE Me!!!!!!!
Shouts to DJ Unreal...


01 - DJ UnReaL - After The Trail Intro (Fuck The Empire)
02 - T.I. - Get Dat
03 - BizNiz Kid - Fuck Fake DJs (The Empire Diss)
04 - T.I. - Swagga Like Us Remix Feat Jay Z Kanye West GC Freshboi & BizNiz Kid
05 - T.I. - Slide Show Feat John Legend
06 - T.I. - Its All G
07 - T.I. - Bitch Who
08 - T.I. - My Life Your Entertainment Feat Usher
09 - T.I. - On Top Of The World Remix Feat Ludacris & BoB
10 - T.I. - I Know You Missed Me (Original Album Version)
11 - T.I. - What Up Whats Happening
12 - T.I. - Im Illy
13 - T.I. - Collect Call Remix Feat BizNiz Kid
14 - T.I. - Hold Up Feat Nelly
15 - T.I. - Like I Do
16 - T.I. - Pornstar
17 - T.I. - Mr Propane Feat Ricco Barrino
18 - T.I. - Ready For Whatever

BFochs I See YOU!!!! HA

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

I got me some crazy ass tracks lately so im postin some right now....I got you BFochs!!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

SparkDawg - Da Lone Star Kid Is On the Way [Fire]

Attitude - Blow Ya Back Out [Fire]


TooKnown's Videos of the Week

This weeks installment includes another video for Obama of course, then we got a new music video from an artist who I thought jumped off earth. Oh shit, idk if you guys are as up on your hip-hop blog game as much as I am, but Trey Songz has been sending out freestyles LEFT & RIGHT and everyone is [HOT FIYA]. Deff check out his freestyles, then No Offense ROSS but...WATCH AND ENJOYY!!!!!!!!!!!

The Roots for Barack Obama

DJ UNK is Back!!!!
DJ Unk - Show Out

Trey Songz - Freestyle
every beat Songz touches he MERKS!

Rick Ross Correctional Officer Confession....

Friday, October 10

First For Everything....

TooKnown's Video of the Day

Here's an exclusive interview from I have recently been in contact with MusicOnPlay, which is good, cuz we can both share the interviews we do with eachother This time they interviewed Nina B, NY's finest female rapper. She speaks on her career, mixtapes, album, collabos and much more. More vids to come!!!!!!!!
Shouts to MusicOnPlay...

Get the Fuck Up and VOTE!!!

TooKnown's Vid/Leak of the Day

A little vid put together to get all the followers of hip-hop and what its all about, to realize the need and reason to VOTE. I mean. This is so important to us, especially right now. So please take the adivce. GET UP AND VOTE!!!!!!!

"Get Up and Vote"
Ft. Sho Zoe, GC & Mike G......

idk bout last dudes verse.....hahaha

GC's Verse the way it was supposed to be!!!!!

GC - Get Up and Vote (verse) [Hot Fiya]


Wednesday, October 8

Lacey Duvalle...

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Made a new song bout his fav porn star..... or at least what I heard......I mean DO WHAT YOU DO FAM!!!...Keep makin hits for reall...MADD LOVEEE!!!!!!!
Shouts to CH...

Charles Hamilton - Lacey Duvalle [Fire]

Back in The Lab Take 4....AGAIN!!!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Another banga sent over from that dude J.Dog...the mixtape "Back in The Lab Take 4" is COMING SOOO SOOOON!!!!!! So as soon as I get it no doubt its gunna be up here. Oh also talked to Rediculous Rowe, one of Papa Smirfs artists. Said I can cop one of his new tapes COMING SOON as well but before it comes out. So look out for BOTH!!!!!! so check the new one and the other ones i already posted are at the bottom COMMENT AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shouts to J.Dog...

J.Dog - Mr. Underground [Fire]

-Other Tracks -

J.Dog feat. Spyda - Respect Me [Hot Fiya]

J.Dog - Go Hard [Hot Fire]

J.Dog -Back In the Lab [Fire]

Tuesday, October 7

No Beef..Just Questions...HA

TooKnown's Video of the Day

So yesterday after I posted the Young Mec Interview all on my Facebook, MySpace, YouTube & Blog...I got a pretty decent amount of views without even promoting it. Good looks to all who watched AND commented. Yes even the HATERS get love back. I just want to bring up a lil quote "Pat Needlez (Fort Lauderdale, FL) wrote at 4:41pm yesterday

I mean, really. Of course my fam, GC, came in and said whats up and when I look at my phone in my interviews its cuz I have questions written way before I actually interview any artist cuz either the artist is busy or I am. So thats that. And Needlez if I'm a "CLOWN" cuz I'm on my phone, cuz the questions I'm askin artists and facts I'm talkin about are on it, Are you callin Clinton Sparks a "CLOWN" too??? Watch the vid and maybe you'll get it.....
GOT THE BEST HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the Advice...

Monday, October 6

Young Mec - Interview

TooKnown's Video of the Day

Yesterday Young Mec came thru to do a lil interview and spit a lil freestyle at the end to. BlockRunnaz in the building. Oh and a lil cameo from GC as well. Talks bout some real shit that went down. Real Talk. But ay we got Scooby on the cam once again. Oh and Chiz helped out a lil too...ha..COMMENT AND ENJOYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Can We Say BLOWOUT!!!!!

TooKnown's Info of the Day

Yesterday this event happened and I wasn't able to watch it at all. I'm kinda pissed, but then I look at it and I'm like who gives a shit. The G-Men just DESTROYED the Seahawks. The final score was GIANTS 44 - Seahawks 6!!!!!

I mean heres a lil snippet of what NFL's Senior Columnist, Thomas George had to say....

"It was a Giants ambush, 44-6.

It was all payback.

The Giants rolled up 523 yards of offense. They rushed for 254 yards. They gained 27 first downs. They gained 14 rushing first downs.

Sunday, October 5

Politics, Politics, Politics.....

TooKnown's Videos of the Week

As were getting closer and closer to the election and all the debates are goin on....Im such a big supporter of Barack Obama...theres prob going to be a bunch of vids from him doin what he does best!!! Overcome THE BUSH!!! A.K.A. John McCain, cuz I dont know how you see it but when u put McCain & Bush next to each other....

But also theres some game previews and some more Hip Hop talk from the Parker Report!!!!!

Call of Duty - World At War
NOV. 11!!!!!!

OBAMA vs. McCain First Debate [Full Debate]
Sep. 26

The Parker Report "No Bitting Allowed"
MTV Jams Segment

Some More of Them Exclusives....

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

I got some new tracks from Yung D & and the cool kids from tha MIL Streetz and Young Deuces. Straight bangers no doubt.....CHECK EM OUTT!!!!!! 
Shouts to BFochs...

Yung D feat. Project Pat - Damn

Yung D feat. Project Pat - What You Think About Me

Streetz & Young Deuces feat. Yung Texxus - On My Grind