Sunday, November 30

WoW...11 - 1

TooKnown's Info of the Day

I dont wanna say it but im gunna....I Told U So!!!!! I said Giants are going all the way again. After we get this next win we r set for the playoffs. So the final score was GIANTS 23 - Redskins 7....ima tell the other teams again....STEP UR GAME UP!!!!!!

Saturday, November 29

Fuck Fake DJs

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Was waiting on this tape for a lil bit now. After hearing it. I started laughing cuz I couldn't believe how he did it. But Unreal always does the damn thing so here yall go!!!!!!
Shouts to Unreal...


01 - Throw It Back feat. Mack Maine
02 - Get Silly
03 - Get It On
04 - Gorilla
05 - Feel Me
06 - Down Here feat. Rick Ross
07 - Nina
08 - Eat U Alive Remix feat. GC & BizNiz Kid
09 - Best Thang Yet
10 - Street Life
11 - Lousianimal
12 - Just Know Dat
13 - Blinded
14 - 1st Place Winner
15 - Different Girls
16 - Put Me In The Game
17 - See It For Yourself
18 - Dick Pleaser feat. Jae Millz
19 - See You In My Knightmares feat. Kanye West
20 - Eat U Alive
21 - Red Magic


Milwaukee's Best

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Another hott tape out the MIL. You know its fire if it comes from that dude!!! Keep sendin em thru!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Tracklist -

2.On Air w/ DJ Willie Shakes
3.Like I'm On- Mech and Drez
4.I'm Jackin- Ray Rizzy
5.On Wat- JDub
6.Don't U Like My Swag- Krayzie
7.I'm Da Man-Flame
8.No Condom No Way
9.Dear Rap- Dri Cardan PD Manns
10.Bottom of the Map-Young Age, Code Red
11.All A Nigga Know-Young E, Agesy, Yung Habbit
12.Stay Comin Down- Dub G
13.Word From Our Sponsor- Karl Gebhard
14.Umbrella's Up Part 1(Yola
15.Tay Gutta/ Umbrella Music Group Interview
16.Umbrella's Up Part 2
17.Presidential- Dri Cardan PD Manns
18.Pullin- Gudda
19.Not on my Block- Teezy, Mech, Shakes
20.How To Do It- Bolo
21.Knock It Out-Future Kingz
22.Entrepreneur- Prophetic
23.Freestyle (Outro)


I Get It INNN!!

TooKnown's Videos of the Week

This Weeks Segment includes mostly funny videos but theres a real serious one at the bottom. But Luda fucks with T-Pain, Jeff and TheReal mess with Travie from GCH, the Daily Show shows how much they LOVE Sarah Palin and like I said the fucked up video from FORBEZDVD.....I GET IT INNN!!!!!!!

Ludacris Replaces T-Pain

Gym Class Superheros

"Medical Mistake"
fucked up shit!

Thursday, November 27

Happy Turkey Day!!!

TooKnown's Info of the Day

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Either celebrating it alone or with family and/or friends. Hope you guys have a good one. AND eat as much as u can so u dont have to eat for a while...haha. Naw but on some real shit be safe and be healthy. New video in the making right now and GC's juss a hater over in my C-BOX. But its all good. New interviews on the way as well. No leaks of who yett but I'll juss say this. GC called dude up and hes from Miami. Says shit like "Bitch Im Me". Dude said yea im down, after he gets back in town. There you go. Ha. Stay tuned for that and many more!!!! Im grindin BITCH!!!!!!! STEP UR SHIT UP!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26

Slicc Ronson - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Got a chance to ask this dude with crazy flow out from the other side of the country. Like I said before. I support local artist. Juss because its not local to me dont me anything..ha. Slicc Ronson's that dude!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. What's up man, thanks for doin this interview. Lets start off by tellin everyone who you are and where your from??
(Slicc Ronson)What up, this Slicc Ronson Mobbstar Ent. CEO Full Effect Boss, I represent Dallas, TX by way of Sacramento, CA.

2. How long have you been in this game?? How did u get here??
Man, I think I started writing in like '93. I started spitting in like '97 so I'll say 12 years. I started recording hard in 2000. Im 26 now, I always been a fan of music. Hip Hop is just what was popular when I was a kid.

3. Other than a rapper, did u wanna be anything else, career wise??
I used to play basketball when I was younger, since I'm tall everybody thought I was gon do that, but I really wanted to be a comic book artist. My pops passed in '03, but he was a comic book fanatic. He used to have me and my two younger brothers goin crazy over comics. I guess I just really wanted to be a artist the whole time.
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4. As far as rap goes, do you think its headed in the right direction?? If not, what you gunna do to help it out??
I think rap is rap. I'm a hip hop artist so I think REAL hip hop is still alive, rap is a fad, one day the industry will remember what hip hop is, an I'll be the reason why.

5. What do u think is the basis of your style?? Not only dress, but rap style as well??
My style is a lil bit of everything, artistic, colorful. I love to explore different venues of art, film, sound, style, fashion design. I express myself to the listener to the point where they can see what I'm explaining.

6. What is your favorite track you ever done?? Compare it to your first ever recorded track.
I can't really say which track of mine I like the best, I'm my biggest critic. But I can say my first songs I remember recording had a lot of curses, LOL, I have came a long way,LOL.

7. How do you compare yourself to other rappers out in your area??
Not to step on any toes but I'm from Dallas and right now everybody is into the club hits. When I prefer to be a lil more diverse, I life to do it all. Since I listen to different types of music like, Punk, Rock, Electronica, it effects my approach towards hip hop.

8. What artist would you choose to make the banger of the year?? You of course are on the track but...who would u feature??
I really like Max B right now, as far as the east coast, he has a lot of style. From the south I'ma have to say my boy Gucci Mane, FREE GUCCI, he is one of the hottest in my region. But since I'm livin out in Northern Cali, I'ma say Ya Boy, outta San Fransisco, he's a beast!

9. Where have you performed?? Favorite place?? If you haven't performed where do u want to??
I just really started doin shows since I moved to Cali. Shouts to my cousin Torrey-Tee CEO of Full Effect ENT. He's been hookin me up on that tip. I used to DJ when I was in high school, I used to do the parties, but in Dallas, niggas be Fooly Wayne'n (thats actin' a ass). They used to shit them shits down, LOL. I would like to perform at The House of Blues, every location, sorta like a tour.

10. Who do you thank most for your success in the rap game??
My mom, my dad , my grandmothers, all my family, my team. Mobblyfe Afficial for pushin' me to be a boss.
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11. Any last words or shootouts??
Yeah, R.I.P. Pimp C, Mac Dre & all the fallen soldiers in the music biz. R.I.P. to all my family members that passed & my Father, my Uncle. Shouts to my team Mobblyfe, my label Mobbstarr ENT., Torrey-Tee & Full Effect, My Family, the cities of Dallas & Sacramento. To all the people who ride wit me, also shouts to my homie behind them bars Herschel "H-Wood" Smith, Hola Ya Head. Yall niggas and bitches in the game, watch out, I'm coming for blood!

Bonus Tracks
Slicc Ronson feat. Torrey-Tee & YB - We On [Hot Fiya]

Slicc Ronson feat. Polo - Marksmen (Freestyle) [Fire]

Tuesday, November 25

Jo Flow's New Heattt

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Madtown, WI's own Jo FloWroshus hooks up with...TWISTA & SKOODA CHOSE FOR A HEATER!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Jo FloWroshus feat. Twista & Skooda Chose - We Holdin' [Hot Fiya]


TooKnown's Leak of the Day

All I do is get sent these tapes and I pass em along. I don't need to make it my own. Ya dig!! Everybody needs to get heard. Especially when u got talent like Charles. KEEP IT UPP!!!!!
Shouts to CH...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

DST Shoutouts GC....

TooKnown's Video of the Day

Very wellknown rappers Darkside Thugs shoutout GC while we shoot the video fro "I Don't See Yall" bye J.Dog feat. GC. Also were in the process of filming "Posted On the Corner" by GC feat. Darkside Thugz & Warlok. BE ON THE LOOK OUT!!!!!

Sunday, November 23

10 - 1!!! We Can't Be Stopped!!!

TooKnown's Info of the Day

Yesterday the Giants not only proved themselves as Super Bowl contenders but showed the NFL that we are the best team in the NFL. I think when Jim Jones made that song for the them we been good since then. Even without some of the hottest stars on our team we STILLL have the title. Even more so that the titans are now 10-1. Were even. The final score GIANTS 37 - Cardinals 29....BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

Booba - 0.9

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

I know when u listen to Booba you really can't understand him, due to the fact hes a French rapper. Ha never the less he rips it and also has some real good features including Rock City. Besides the fact that GC is dudes cousin, makes it obvious that the talent runs in the bloodline!!!!!!
Shouts to GC...

01. Intro
02. Izi Monnaie
03. B2oba
04. Illegal
05. Garcimore
06. Izi Life feat. 92i
07. King feat. Rock City
08. Salades Tomates Oignons
09. Bad Boy Street feat. Demarco
10. Game Over
11. Soldats
12. R.A.S.
13. Pourvu Qu'elles M'aiment
14. Marche ou Creve
15. 0.9


A Lil Less Than Usual

TooKnown's Videos of the Week

This weeks installment includes a lil less than usual. No matter the vids still contain what everyone wants to see. Some weird shit from Idol. 2 music videos. 1 from my homies out in Miami, the Darkside Thugz, and the other from J and Coldplay. PEEP AND LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Death by Paula!!!

T-Pain says NO.

Jay Z & Coldplay - Lost +

Dark Side Thugz - Side to Side
stay tuned for "Posted On the Corner" coming soon

The Bloomberg Series

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got shot over 3 exclusive tracks from my homies over at MusicOnPlay. I am one to stay up on my BEEF game but to never be involved. So I don't know what Max B got up his sleeves but dude does his thing check these JOINTS!!!!!!
Shouts to M.O.P....

Max B - I'm Kinda High [Fire]

Max B feat. French Montana - Drug Baby

Max B feat French Montana - Do 4 Drugs [Fire]

This dudes got Eversole.....

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got some new heat from a kid that goes by the name Archie Eversole. Not bad at all!! Deff one to not sleep on!!!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Archie Eversole - What Money Sounds Like [Fire]

Saturday, November 22

808's & HeartBreak - Review

Slander's Review of the Day

When I first heard Love Lockdown a while ago, I was pretty disappointed. I was not expecting this direction from Kanye, despite his recent use of auto-tune and his pop influences in Graduation (which btw, was an excellent album). 808s and Heartbreak barely contains any sort of traditional hip-hop at all. I would best label this album as pop/r&b with some alternative influences. Kanye produces every beat on the album, which is extremely remarkable as each song is more complex and thought-out than Soulja Boy's entire discography. Alright that was a cheap shot at SB, but for real, Kanye comes real hard on these tracks both lyrically and with production. Kanye incorporates a wide variety of instruments like tribal drums (no hip-hop bass drums on this album), piano, violins, organs, background choir voices, synths, and other string instruments. It's almost like a new genre in itself, I'd say I'm pretty impressed with what he's trying to do. He's coming with a bold new look that most artists, let alone rappers, would ever dare to dive into. The entire album is sung in auto-tune, and when I mean sung, he really does sing almost every verse of every song. I'm disappointed that there are only 12 tracks on the album, but almost every single one is solid. Wayne, Jeezy, and Kid Cudi are featured, with Cudi being limited to singing hooks. Jeezy provides practically the only source of rap on the album, but doesn't come as hard as expected. His verses are pretty weak on a track that doesn't really have much of a purpose lyrically in my opinion. Overall, I prefer Kanye's style on Graduation, but I really respect what he's doin with 808s and I'm glad to see a hip-hop artist branchin' out with new things. Big things.

Cover Art

The cover art is mad tight. I'm lovin' the simplistic look he's goin for with the lone twisted heart in the center, while hittin' you with a deep, almost eery feeling. At first glance it might seem kinda bland, but after listenin to some tracks it fits the overall feel of the album for sure.

Album Length

There are only 12 tracks on 808s and Heartbreak, with Pinocchio Story being a freestyle and Coldest Winter being under 3 minutes in length. I'm not feelin that at all. I mean the quality of the tracks is definitely up there, and I always like quality over quantity, but cmon Kanye, you gotta give us more than what I would call 10 legit tracks (not dissin Coldest Winter, I'm just sayin under 3 minutes isn't much of a song to me).

Top 5 Tracks

Top 5 Tracks aren't too hard to pick out, but damn hard to rank.

1. Heartless

2. See You In My Knightmares (ft. Lil Wayne)

3. Love Lockdown

4. Coldest Winter

5. Welcome to Heartbreak (ft. Kid Cudi)

1. Heartless - Incredibly catchy chorus. The beat is pretty simple but that's good because it lets Kanye's lyrics and flow take control of the song. Lyrics tell a story and are pretty on point for rest of the song. around 2 minutes, the bridge kicks in and kanye links it into his last verse and the last chorus very well. "How could you be so heartless?" The track is just pure quality all the way around, the lyrics, the beat, his flow, the breakdown into the bridge, the hook which is probably TOO catchy haha, just overall.. best song on the album.

2. See You In My Knightmares - I dont know if I'm crazy but I was feelin a similar flow and pitch change from Kanye from Jeezy's 'Put On' in his first verse, just somethin interesting to point out. As the track progresses, Kanyes voice gets aggressive in the build up to the chorus and throughout the chorus. Wayne is calm and just smoothly sings his first two verses, but really in such a way that it hits you deep. Linking into his third verse he lets loose, gettin emotional and loses the aid of auto-tune (thank God, i mean Wayne really takes advantage of auto-tune when he sings but he sounds so much more aggressive with his natural voice), the last chorus gets some extra violin to add to the emotion and the dire situation of the lyrics. Not really feelin the ending, not a big deal though as the majority of the song leaves a lasting impression. Synths dominate the beat. Lyrics on point about a girl that he wants to make sure knows he's done with her, "Tell EVERYBODY that you know".

3. Love Lockdown - Kanye sucks you in with a pretty basic beat and emotional verse, then the piano kicks in leadin' into the chorus.  I'm lovin how this chorus is arranged, with the hits of a marching beat and then endin' ubruptly with "you lose". Man, he just scores perfectly on that chorus. His second verse is separated by what I guess i'd call three different pitch changes, which is really out there and separates this track from alot of the others on the album. Many of the lyrics are repeated throughout the song with subtle changes to signify development in the story he's telling. "Keep ya Love Lockdown! You lose.." The last minute or so is purely instrumental but pretty tight, I'd give it the best ending for a track on the album, especially with the last few seconds ending in a drum 'heartbeat'. Very nicely done.

4. Coldest Winter - Kanye sings this song very well, rivaling Heartless. Excellent chorus both lyrically and musically. He really sounds like he's putting his all into each line. The song is structured with low strung verses that hit right into a semi-high intensity chorus. The main reason this song made #4 on my list is due to the fact it flies by so fast and ends way too soon. "Memories made in the coldest winter", naw Kanye, memories FADE in the coldest winter, the song is under 3 minutes long!!

5. Welcome To Heartbreak - Starts off with a very interesting tone, similar to the deep feeling of Lux Aeterna from the movie Requiem for a Dream (if u have no idea what that is, check it out!!). Very dark and deep overtone. Drums are very powerful. Kid Cudi sings the hook that almost sounds like a pre-chorus that leads up to surprisingly nothing, but very interesting because of the nature of the song, it tells easily the best and darkest story on the album. The title of the song is interestingly only sang once quickly in the middle of the song, generating the track's emotional peak, "Bad enough that I showed up late, I had to leave before they even cut the cake... Welcome to Heartbreak.

Best Feature of the Album

As if you couldn't see this coming.. Wayne, easily. He's money on almost anything he gets onto lately, and he definitely matches Kanye verse for verse on See You In My Knightmares to make it a Top 5 song on the album.

Hustle = BizNiz

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

This dude right here...stays on his grind. No doubt. Coming out with mixtape after mixtape after mixtape. I mean come on. But like not only does he have all these mixtapes coming out but theyre all hott!!! So peep this one droppin Jan. 3. Its BizNiz Kid - "Hustle Equals BizNiz"
Shouts to Unreal...

BizNiz Kid feat. Ace Hood - Ghetto (Remix) [Fire]

Friday, November 21


TooKnown's Info of the Day

Listen, I don't know who the fuck you are and I don't care. No I'm not no e-GOON or none of that bullshit I'm juss bein real. Listen, seriously you need to get off of GC's dick. He don't fuckin know you. Don't fuck with you. Yall not puttin out a tape none of that bullshit. I do know him. PERSONALLY. So stop goin oh HIF runnin ur mouth, talkin shit. REAL TALK. Its annoying as fuck. Nobody wants to hear that bullshit. For those who want to hear a REAL GC mixtape...Wait till Feb. 14 a.k.a. V Day for GC's mixtape Swag or Die. DJ Unreal + others will be hosting. Ok. thats it. Im done. HIT UP SWAGORDIE.COM!!!!!

GC - Eat You Alive Freestyle [Fire]

Eat You Alive!!!! (FULL)

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got an email this a.m. with the whole version of the track i posted yesterday. Its the new track that WAYNE leaked off "his" new mixtape. But heres the full version. Listen and comment!!!!!!
Shouts to Unreal...

DJ Unreal feat. GC & BizNiz Kid - Eat You Alive [Hot Fiya]

Thursday, November 20

Pretty Slick - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Got time outta his busy schedule to sit down do a lil interview with me. So peep this and I cant forget my fam over at TCC they doin they thing as well with an artist that goes by Articulate AND heres the INTERVIEW!!!!!!!

(TooKnown) 1. What's up man let the people not only over on my side of the country but every blogger out there know who u are and where your from??
(Pretty Slick) Whats good Florida and the whole down south bloggers. I go by the name of Pretty Slick a.k.a. P.S.. I'm known as one of the best and I represent the West. Not just the West but the capital of Cali, Sacramento. If you aint kno you should get familiar.

2. How long have you been in the rap game?? How u get in it??
I been workin on gettin in the game for a while now, almost 4-5 years, just making music, lettin my friends listen too it for their pleasure. But now I'm doin it not just for them but also for the people over the world. From NY to the UK and even in Melbourne, Australia. They been showin mad love too. But as far as gettin in, I'm just doin me until the day dat deal comes, but either way I'm doin me.

3. How would you describe the music scene out there?? How bout compared to the FL music scene??
In Cali, man, we set trends. Cali is it. It's really like, "YOU WANNA SHINE YOU GOTTA GRIND", out here. There's so many people out here in Sac and Cali that say they're doin' this, and people wanna make it, but really never put in that effort to do so and their afraid to be different and take that chance. But I'm the one thats gonna take that chance. As far as the Florida music scene I really can't speak on but I do kno a lot of cats out there have been showin love and hittin me for collabs so I'd assume they bout they bizness.
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4. If you were to say, who would you say you sounded like?? Or how would you describe your sound??
I'd say my sound is unique and I'm bringin' something different I just got a young fresh swag and people don't even know who to compare me to. People compare me to people career-wise like "Oh, yeah, he's gonna be around for a whole" and stuff like that, but my music is different. I just adapt to the track because I know what people want. I know what the streets want, I know what the suburbs want, I know what corporate people want. I know what all-type of music these people listen to and I deliver every time.

5. Do you remember the first song you ever recorded?? How is that song compared to your more recent work??
haha, Actually I do, the first song I ever recorded was with my brother and cousins, we all spit about 6 or 7 bars haha. But the sound compared from then to my recent work is like night and day, you could check out the new song from nothin to somethin that tells a little.

6. If you could have one feature on your BIG single who would you choose??
Man thats a tough one seein its a lot of hot artists out there doin it and I'm not tryna sound cocky but, as far as rappers, I don't need a co-signer cause I kno I can spit. So I'd prefer my single to not have a rapper/MC on it. I would rather have a singer o0n it and with that being said, I'd have to go with da boi Chris Brezzy. I know the ladies would love that haha.

7. Who do you look up to in the game right now as in a mainstream artist or a deceased artist??
I mean growin up on the West coast Ima always look up to Tupac and even Biggie cause their music is in my blood. I grew up on California Love and Hypnotize and every rapper doin it gotta feel the same way. As for modern day mainstream artists, I basically look up to the ones who really out there grindin and puttin in the time. Written their own lyrics, producin their own tracks, because almost anybody can buy a hit. But people wanna kno your expression.

8. Who would you like to produce that BIG single??
Its a alot of hot producers all around the world. Even some from Sac, like Jay Synth and Trackmatik or The Bay like Roblo or J.Valentine. So pickin one to find that perfect sound is hard. But I would have to holla at the "Piano Man" chillin on Miami beach, Scott Storch.

9. What's your take on the rappers out in Sacremento and the whole West Side??
My take on the rappers in Sacramento would be like this. A majority wasn't really doin music until the rap group "The Pack", with the hit song "VANS", got signed with Too-$hort and Jive. Ever since then, a ton of the people in the city started rappin, and I love music and the whole self-expression part about it. But when u talkin bout the same thing as 300 other people, about things you never did and stuff you don't have? You'll never get picked up or even respected.

10. Who would u like to thank most for your success in the rap game??
I mean I really want to just thank God for giving me the opportunity to create these opportunities that keep comin and I pray they keep comin my way.
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11. Any last words or shoutouts??
I wanna shout out my whole fam, GMFB Inc., its the best thing since shoes. Moms, my family, Bobo, Fresh, Deezy, Kool Rick, D-Boi, B-Rad, Yung, Jay and my real Mac-Town GOONs who gettin that doe. Shout out to all my fans and supporters and dats real. Of course shoutout to TooKnown at Manic Productions dey know I fuck with him and his whole crew when I'm down in Florida!

Bonus Tracks

Pretty Slick - Back to Da Hood [Hot Fire]

Pretty Slick - Nothin to Somethin [Fire]


TooKnown's Leak of the Day

I get sent shit to post up and blast everywhere soo thats what I does. Even tho I hate Shawty LO doesn't mean we cant help out the other members...haha. So heres the new tape from member Ju of D4L!!!!!
Shouts to Muzik Fene...


1. Ju Intro
2. 09' Swag
3. Swag check
4. Big boy
5.Street dreams
6. Do it do it ft. Shawty Lo
7. Gangsta in yo life
8. Yeah I made it
9. Pounds for the low
10. Ju on the check in
11. My time
12. I'm fine
13. We know how
14. 40 Cal
15. Came from the bottom
16. '09 swag freestyle
17. You know we smoke
18. Club dreams
19. Game plan
20. I am Alabama
21. Look at me
22. Million dolla nigga
23. I solute you
24. Ju Outro


BFochs Chops it Up w/ TooKnown....

TooKnown's Info of the Day

BFochs hit me up do to an interview. Thought it was a lil weird since I'm the one that usually does the questions. But I think it came out pretty good. PEEP IT!!!!!!

TooKnown Interview with BFochs!!!!

Eat You Alive!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

So about 3 days ago I was bloggin like usual and saw the new Wayne tape comes out soon. I mean of course its from the ever so loved "The Empire" series. Its called The Drought is Over Pt. 6 - The Reincarnation. What happend to them not making anymore? I dont know whatever. The song that leaked was "Eat You Alive" but of course my dude GC gets instrumentals way before everyone else so he hit me with Eat You Alive freestyle that he did. Its gunna be on DJ Unreals new tape called Fuck The Empire. DJ Unreal & Lil Wayne. Cover came out hott and it should be a good tape. Droppin on Friday I believe. So PEEP THIS TRACK AND GET THAT UNREAL TAPE!!!!!!!
Shouts to GC & Unreal...

GC - Eat You Alive Freestyle [Fire]

Sneak of the Cover!!!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So Cold!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got sent another track from that dude makin his name EVERYWHERE. So peep this one. Its coming from his up-coming album "Best Served Cold" comin out soon!!!!!
Shouts to AC...

AC - So Cold [Fire]