Wednesday, December 31

She Fine!!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Another one sent from that know how it goes!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Paper Chase feat. ADI - She Fine [Fire]

And the Winner issssss

TooKnown's Info of the Day

Straight from tha email....shits real official!!!

Yes yes, it is now time to announce the winner of the first ever "SNYD Rock Your Beat" contest. The winner for the contest is...K. Monsta! His beat "My City" was picked to be rapped on for Streetz & Young Deuces's upcoming mixtape "Straight Drop Muzik"...which will be brought to you in APHILLIATES!!!! DJ Head Dibiase & DJ Young Mase (The Midwest divison of The Apphilliates) will be headin' that tape along with SNYD of course. Look out for that in early 2009!!!!!

Due to the high level of quality beats entered in the contest, Streetz & Young Deuces will be contacting some of you for work in the future, so just because you didn't win the contest doesn't mean you won't get to work with Streetz & Young Deuces! Congratulations once again to K. Monsta, watch out for Straight Drop Muzik coming soon! And don't think this is the last Streetz & Young Deuces contest...more will be coming in the near future!!!!

Shouts to all that supported the contest from the jump, watch out for a new contest in about a month or so!!!!

Hustle Go Hard

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

I been hearin' this dude for a minute now, but he doesnt stop bringin that heat..ENJOY!!!!
Shouts to Smirf...

Charlie Hustle feat. Rebel - Go Hard [Hot Fiya]

Tuesday, December 30

Dudes Got Bars of Death

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

I'm bringin yall a new joint from Punch, this track has Sha Money XL on the beat. Its simple this record he spits straight fire. Peep & ENJOY!!!!
Shouts to M.O.P....

Punch - Bars Of Death [Fire]

Monday, December 29

Sunday, December 28

Yung Brick - Interview II

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Finally sat down with that dude out Broward County. Came do tha house, did the interview, gettin shit poppin. This is the 2nd Interview from Yung Brick, the first was a written interview, so ENJOY and COMMENTT!!!!!!

Yung Brick feat. Ace Hood & Cliff Kyanne - Imagination [Hot Fiya]


TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Dude never stops amazing me....real shit. Jays new tape on the way should destroy anything in the game right now, I'm a huge Jay fan and Ima deff have that before the streets do HOLLA!!!!!!
Shouts to Papa Smirf...

DJ Khaled feat. Kanye West, T-Pain & Jay Z - Go Hard (Remix) [Hot Fiya]

Best Behavior...

TooKnown's Videos of the Week

This weeks installment includes a bunch of randomness. We got the new and upcoming album from Wayne and Pain entitled He Rap, He Sing. Then we got a killer santa that destroys a family. Got the new preview of the new movie of Notorious B.I.G.. Shits crazy, but Diddy has a huge offer to the state of NY and then some more nuts shit from that dude from G-Funk Records..STAY LOCKED!!!!!!

He Raps, He Sings

Red from G-Records

Diddy + Ciroc = WOW!!!

Notorious B.I.G.

Killer Santa

Saturday, December 27

Bitch I'm Me :UPDATE:

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Its a lil late but I still got this shit on lock all day everyday....some new shit from that dude Flo...GET AT ME!!!!!
Shouts to Papa Smirf...

Flo Rida feat. Brisco & Billy Blue - Bitch I'm Me (Remix) [Hot Fiya]

Friday, December 26

I Got That Brand New.....

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got some new heat!! Shits nuts...deff something not to sleep on. AY I know I say that a lot, but its not my fault I get sent crazy singles...haha..STEP UR SHIT UP!!!!!
Shouts to Papa Smirf...

3 Kings - Brand New [Hot Fiya]

They Gotta Be...

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Been grindin for a minute so been away from the comp..but still gettin that heat in the mail. So peep theses tracks, they from that dude so u know they hott!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

B-Eazy & Mar$ - Gotta Be Abstract [Fire]

Wednesday, December 24

Swagger Like Us

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Some more crazy shit outta Poe Boy. New Flo tape on the way titled R.O.O.T.S. Deff one not to sleep on!!!!!!
Shouts to Papa Smirf...

Flo Rida - Swagger Like Us [Freestyle]

Official Tracklist & Cover!!!

TooKnown's Info of the Day

Straight from Unreal himself....HOLY SHIT..oh by the way..Some tracks have been removed as they were too exclusive & are going to be on CD5.. that tracklist will be up tomorrow!!!!!

01 - DJ UnReaL - Summer Of Love Remix
02 - The Game - Laugh
03 - Joe Budden - The Future
04 - Ludacris - Press The Start Button
05 - Britney Spears - Blur [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
06 - Ace Hood - Stressin
07 - Plies - Gotta Be
08 - Common - Universal Mind
09 - Akon - We Don't Care [Wit Hook]
10 - DJ Khaled - Bitch Im From Dade County [Wit Hook][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
11 - DJ Brad - In Da Buildin
12 - DJ Wich - What We Need [Wit Hook][Edited]
13 - Kevin Cossom - Late Night
14 - The Game - Red Magic
15 - Ace Hood - Guns High [Wit Hook]
16 - Plies - Street Light
17 - T-Pain - Distorted [Freestyle Edit]
18 - Freeway - Look Around
19 - D-Shep - Stay Real
20 - Lil Wayne - Eat You Alive [Wit Hook][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
21 - Kia Shine - Maino Checkin My Fresh
22 - Kanye West - Paranoid [Wit Hook]
23 - Pleasure P - Boyfriend #2
24 - Plies - Fuck U Gon Do Bout It [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
25 - Ace Hood - Ghetto [Wit Hook]

26 - T.I. - Im Dat Nigga [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
27 - Freeway - Tell U Something [Loop]
28 - The Game - Baggage Claim
29 - Plies - Spend The Night [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
30 - Ludacris - I Do It For Hip Hop [Wit Hook]
31 - Freeway - Im Great
32 - Lil Wayne - Stunt Hard [Wit Hook]
33 - P.L. - Fresher Den You
34 - Rich Boy - Drop
35 - Ludacris - Call Up The Homies
36 - Rick Ross - Guitar Hero [Rushed]
37 - Soulja Boy - Kiss Me Thru The Phone
38 - Gina Thompson - The Things That You Do Bad Boy Remix
39 - Mike Jones - Next To You
40 - Lil Wayne - Dick Pleaser [Aka Couldnt be a Better Player]
41 - T.I. - Mr Propane [Wit Hook]
42 - Lil Wayne - Street Life
43 - T.I. - Im Illy
44 - Commom - Announcement [Wit Hook]
45 - D-Shep - Hustle Up [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
46 - Charlie Hustle - Hatin On Me
47 - Kevin Cossom - My Ex [loop]
48 - Jacki-O - Baby Mama
49 - 2 Pistols - Aint Gotta Talk Ruff [Freestyle Edit]
50 - Musiq Soulchild - Special [Wit Hook][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]

51 - Jamie Foxx - Weekend Lover [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
52 - Kanye West - Amazing
53 - Plies - Heard Of Me
54 - G.A.G.E. - Uh Oh
55 - Da Bad Guy - Fuck Wit Me [Wit Hook][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
56 - Ace Hood - Get Em Up
57 - T-Pain - Fire
58 - Petey Pablo - Wall 2 Wall [Loop]
59 - Avant - Sensuality [Loop]
60 - Ace Hood - Top Of The World [Edited][Wit Hook][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
61 - The Game - Show Is Over
62 - Britney Spears - Mannequin [Freestyle Edit]
63 - GS Boyz - Stanky Legg
64 - Flo Rida - Touch Me [Verse Edit][Wit Hook][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
65 - Plies - Want It, Need It
66 - Kanye West - Bad News [Freestyle Edit]
67 - Ya Boy - Let Me In [Freestyle Edit]
68 - Keak Da Sneak - Hot N Cool
69 - Kevin Cossom - Compatible
70 - Kanye West - Heartless [Wit Hook]
71 - Lil Wayne - Comfortable [Official]
72 - Joe Hound - My Choppa [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
73 - Lil Fats - We Don't Play
74 - Chamillionaire - Creepin (Solo)
75 - Garcia - Deeper [Wit Hook][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]

76 - Sean Paul - Home Alone [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
77 - Jamie Foxx - Just Like Me
78 - Plies - Spend The Night [Freestyle Edit]
79 - Pete Rock - Till I Retire
80 - Common - Everywhere [Wit Hook]
81 - Flo Rida - On & On
82 - Yelawolf - Stage Lights
83 - Flo Rida - You Can Be My Shone
84 - Benisour - Beatin Dat [Loop]
85 - DJ Khaled - Final Warning [Wit Hook][Quality Edit]
86 - Kanye West - Say You Will
87 - Lil Wayne - Best Thang Yet [Freestyle Edit]
88 - Plies - 2nd Chance
89 - G-Unit - Kitty Kat [Official]
90 - Plies - Co-Defendant [Wit Hook]
91 - UGK - We Paint.mp3
92 - Avant - Material Things [Loop]
93 - Freeway - Everlast
94 - Kanye West - Welcome To 808's & Heartbreak [Loop]
95 - Ace Hood - Gutta [Wit Hook]
96 - Flo Rida - Priceless [Official]
97 - Dezo - Ya'll Know What It Iz.mp3
98 - Freeway - Gonna Get Mines [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
99 - Snoop Dogg - Why Did You Leave Me
100 - T-Pain - Karaoke [Motha Fuckin DJ UnReaL Exclusive]

Tuesday, December 23

I Feel Free!!

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got this sick track from tha homies from the HomeTeam so you know its firee!!!!
Shouts to HomeTeam...

Ricky Blaze feat. Punch, Red Cafe, Ron Browz & Nicki Minaj - I Feel Free [Fire]

This is Why I'm Hot

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got two new tracks of Mims 2nd LP. Peep em they hott off the presses!!!!!
Shouts to Papa Smirf...

Mims - Life of a Star [Hot Fiya]

Mims - Move [Hot Fiya]

Time Is Money...

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got a email full of tracks so you know I hadda do my thing. First off, here goes a mix of 3 songs by BBB WI featured artist Milwaukee Lateef, this dude GOES! DON'T SLEEP! Then we got two other bangers to deff cop!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Milwaukee Lateef & The Cutman LG - Don't No Me/2 The End/Yeah Man... [Fire]

Cap 1 A.K.A. Richie - We Be Goin' Ham [Fire]

Big Kuntry Ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Kush Blunts & Ro'Zay [Hot Fiya]

Monday, December 22


TooKnown's Info of the Day

I know I know I haven't been postin up any Giants news but..we went on a lil streak of can I say this.....NOT WINNING. But were back and playing like were used too, came back in the 4th quarter to tie the game and then in over time won. Were now 12-3! The final score was Giants 34 - Panthers 28!!!!!

Sunday, December 21

Happy Hanukkah!!!

TooKnown's Videos of the Week

This part 2 includes the second part of SG's interview. Then we got two singers who you wouldn't think would be singers. HAHA. Then we got some behind the scenes action with them dudes bout they money. Oh and to all them JEWS out there.....Happy Hanukkah!!!! PCE!!!!!!

Jabari Interviews Soulja Girl Pt. 2

Parrot Singing "Low"

G-Funk Records
homeless guys crazy skills

Behind the Scenes...

He's Back Folkss

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Dudes back with some more heat. DONTSLEEP....dudes got that shit on lockkk!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Archie Eversole - How You Like Me Now [Fire]

Saturday, December 20

Face So Good...

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got some new heat of my own area. Some Poe Boy love of course is alllllwayss neeeded. So cop this new Billy Blue..u know its firee!!!!!!
Shouts to GC...

Billy Blue - Face So Good [Fire]

Producers Edition...

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got that new shit - DJ Willie Shakes & The Swag Boys Presents-MKE Mixtape Radio Volume 3: Let The Beat Build-Producers Edition!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...


01. Intro
02. On Air
03. Prophetic-Entrepreneur (Prod. By Dylan Thomas)
04. Code Red-News Flash (Prod. By Rell Beatz Of The Original Swag Boyz)
05. Ran Rich-Before I Leave
06. Commercial
07. Chazzo-Dressing Room (Prod. By Reason)
08. JDub-On What (Prod. By JDub)
09. Mech And Drez-It's A Fool (Prod. By Dev Of The Original Swag Boyz)
10. Commercial
11. EHood & E2 Interview Part 1
12. Pleasure P-Boyfriend #2 (Prod. By EHood & E2)
13. Ray Rizzy-I'm Jackin' (Prod. By Shaffi)
14. Bandana-The Jacker Bounce (Prod. By Young Page)
15. Code Red-Pass Around (Prod. By Rell Beatz Of The Original Swag Boyz)
16. Skit
17. EHood & E2 Interview Part 2
18. Skit
19. AD, Young E-80's Baby
20. Future Kingz-Knock It Out


Friday, December 19

The Hamiltonization Process

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Bloggin' as usual and came upon this AMAZING thing when I got to the homies over at TCC. Its the entire Hamiltonization Process +1. LOL. Shouts to DJ Skee & Charles Hamilton for doing these incredible tapes. But deff shouts to Longhorn to puttin this together. "There's approximatly 146 songs if I remember correctly, its on megaupload so it is a fast download, ya dig? Enjoy!" - longh0rn!!!!!
Shouts to TCC...


longh0rn forgot 1 tape so he hooked it up...

Thursday, December 18

Who Is This Guy...

TooKnown's Vids of the Week

This weeks installment includes 2 parts like last time, but theres a bunch of beeffff. Including 2 vids with Charles Hamilton, 1 with Asher Roth talkin bout Hip Hop politics, then the other is from Charles' new mixtape release party for "The Pink Lavalamp." Then we got our OLD President, Bush, got some shoes thrown at him by an Egyptian reporter. Dead ass..Bush got moves haha. Then we got Soulja Girl runnin' his mouth..and Kanye using LIVE auto-tune with some distortion. People have their own take on it..haha!!!!!

Bush got Moves!!!

Charles and Asher Go Off..

Kanye West on SNL

Jabari Interviews Soulja Girl
only reason its up here cuz dudes ignanttt

Charles Hamilton - Pink Lava Lamp Release Party

Wednesday, December 17

Hood Representa

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Dude got crazy tracks leakin right now. Some of these are from a minute back. But its juss anticipation for tha new tape from GC, comin out Feb. 14. AKA V-Day. CHECK OUT SWAGORDIE.COM So be on the look out!!!!!!!
Shouts to GC...

GC feat. J.Dog - Hood Representa [Hot Fiya]

Bonus Tracks
GC - 5000 Ones [Freestyle]

GC feat. Dela Candela - Ready For War [Fire]

GC feat. J.Dog - This is How I Roll [Fire]

GC feat. J.Dog - I'm Da Realizt [Hot Fire]

Water Whip

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

Got a new heater from that dude outta tha MIL. This one goes! Paper Chase gonna have the streets goin' crazy with this!!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Paper Chase - Water Whip [Fire]

Tuesday, December 16

Lil Wes - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

This dudes been all over the video spot for a minute mostly supported by with his 4 videos gettin over a SHITload of views. Dudes also been seen or should I say heard on 102Jamz in Orlando. Dude has crazy flow and sick lyrics...not someone to sleep on. You know I stay on my grind, I hit dude up and got this interview check it and the ill tracks at the bottom!!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. What up bro, thanks for comin to do this interview. Wanna start off with who you are and where u come from??
(Lil Wes)No problem. Well my name is Lil Wes i'm from Palm Beach County Florida. I'm currently residing in Orlando Florida right now.

2. How long you been in the rap game for??
The rap game...basically i've alway been into music. Since I was a baby whenever my mom would take me to a toy store and try to see what kind of toy I would like, for some reason I would always tend to go for something musical. Be it a small set of drums or a mini piano. Even in church they used to have me up on stage with the band just messin around tryna get my chops. But as far as rapping specifically , I started rapping at the age of 8 and just fell in love with it. It came easy to me and I decided that I wanted that to be my career. But as far as any real grinding, I haven't grinded so much in my entire life than I have in the past few months. Moving to Orlando was the best move I could have made career-wise. Most of the Superproducers who make some of your favorite beats are in Orlando.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
3. What artist would you say you look up to most??
Well I respect every artists whether in the game or not who is out there grinding, making good music and giving the fans what they're looking for. But as far as artists I look up to, I would say that I look up to all the greats; Jay Z, Nas, Pac, Biggie, Mase, Weezy, Fabolous, TI, Cassidy umm...I could go on for days but i'm gonna stop there lol.

4. When you told people you wanted to be a rapper, did anyone say you couldn't do it??
Actually I used to freestyle alot and I was in a little rap group when I was younger. It was me, my two brothers and one of my childhood friends. We used to make our own beats, produce our own tracks and pass out cds. We actually got pretty much the entire school behind us but then we started becoming interested in different things and didn't too much focus on music or the possibility of having a career in it.

5. Who do think your flow is most like??
My flow has been compared to that of Fabolous, Mase as well as a few other rappers. Both Fabolous and Mase are two of my favorite rappers so those comparisons are quite an honor. But I guess I would have to say Mase because he is all I used to listen to when I was a young child. I respected the fact that he left music for the lord but there still a part of me that wishes...

6. I saw your vid on and I couldn't stop jamming out to that song. How'd u come up with that idea and get it posted up there??
I've actually got I believe either 3 or 4 videos on there. Well I just make music because that's what I love to do. I actually did not know of prior to them posting my video. Me, my brother and my roomates were playing around at the apartment and we decided that I needed some videos to increase my exposure. The video was recorded on that day and posted up on youtube. I was still thinking of ways to get people to go check out the video on youtube when a friend of mine called me and let me know about the video being on WSHH. When I saw the amount of views I recieved and the amount of comments, I was shocked and was happy that my name was actually buzzing around the world like that.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
7. What kinda artists have you worked with?? Who would you like to work with??
Well I have worked with a few local artists and am currently working with a few that I can't really discuss at this stage. There is a lot of hidden talent in Florida and I believe that within the next year that Florida will be making even more noise than it is now. Not just as far as artists there are also some great producers such as "The Core" who are some of the hottest producers in Palm Beach County.

8. Being that your pretty local, well to me I guess, what studio do you record at?? How long you been there??
Well as of right now I am currently in Orlando working on a few projects. Up here I am recording with a group of producers who I have been working with for a couple of months called the "Spaceboys". You will get to hear some of their work very soon, they are ridiculously talented.

9. Do you have any new projects in the works right now?? Any new singles??
I actually have so much going on right now it's crazy. Unfortunately I can't really speak on everything just know that I am currently working on my mixtape which will be out towards the beginning of next year so be sure to look out for that. At the moment I am also working with a few different producers trying to figure out what single I am going to come out with.

10. Where do you see yourself in...idk...5-10 years??
Wow 5 to 10 (sounds like a prison sentence) that's a long way off. I dont know about all that. Next year I expect to be getting some serious radio play and doing some shows. You guys be on the lookout for me, I have been out here grinding and now my time is coming.

11. Well its been good man..thanks for doin this interview...any last words or shootouts??
Anytime. Well I would like to give a shoutout to my Fly Boy Team (Jay Stylez, Infamous JC & Sony), my family for believing in me, shout out to all my fans, shout out to Street Grindaz, G1, SP, my cousin Sam, The Core and Spaceboys. There alot of people of I missed but I could go on forever and they already know I got them! There are a lot of people that I missed.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Bonus Tracks

Lil Wes - Bust Your Windows [Hot Fiya]

Lil Wes - Live My Life [Fire]

Lil Wes - Get 'em, Got 'em [Hot Fiya]

iSouljaBoyTellem - Review

Slander's Review of the Day

Okay, before I begin, I want to preface that this IS a Soulja Boy album we're talking about. I have to review it in the mindset that this is a certain type of music of its own, it's not necessarily comparable to the type of hip-hop that most artists respect. So, I'm setting aside my opinions on Soulja Boy himself and what he's about, and I'm givin' you my unbiased review on what he's tryin' to bring with his sophomore release, iSouljaBoyTellem. His first album, whether you like Soulja Boy or not, was honestly a joke. 90% of the tracks were absolute garbage. It went platinum due to "Crank That" and the album's overall absurdity, which actually bordered on humor. His sophomore album is noticeably better, he actually puts effort into producing his songs and tries his best to deliver somewhat decent lyrics. It's not terrible at all, there really is something interesting about several of these tracks, but not enough to make it a good album. His first single, "Bird Walk", which is pretty much the successor to "Crank That", was released through YouTube months ago via dance videos bent on viral marketing. The album's features include Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo (he sucks), Juney Boondata, Yo Gotti, Show Stoppas, Sammie, and Sean Kingston. While "Bird Walk" and a couple others are solid, I don't think it's going to be enough to carry the album to platinum status this time. But who am I kidding, he'll probably go double platinum. Damn it.

Album Art

He's got his city reflected off his glasses sportin a denim fitted. I'm just feelin' it. The dude may not be a real hip-hop artist, but he does have some swag. He has to, or else he'd already be out the industry a long time ago.

Album Length

He's got 16 tracks, over an hour of music (yes, music). No problems here.

Top 5 Tracks

This was VERY difficult to pick the last two. If you disagree with the first three, you're crazy.

1. Bird Walk

2. Shoppin' Spree (ft. Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti)

3. Yamaha Mama (ft. Sean Kingston)

4. Kiss Me Thru The Phone (ft. Sammie)

5. Whoop Rico (ft. Show Stoppas)

Honorable mention: Turn My Swag On, for being one of the most annoying songs of all time, and yet part of me actually likes it, go figure.

1. Bird Walk - Like I said, the successor to "Crank That". The beat is fun and upbeat, overall the production is definitely better than that of "Crank That". This is obviously not about lyrics, it's a club banger with an accompanying 'Bird Walk' dance. I gave this track #1 status because it's clearly a Soulja Boy song. This is what he does. Straight from the man himself, "We call this club music, I call it swag music, I call it entertainment. I call it get money music, Man I call it, Soulja Boy music."

2. Shoppin' Spree - The beat alone, makes this a hot song. Best produced beat in a Soulja Boy song yet, by far. Credit due to Mr. Hanky, ain't know him but he gets respect for this track. SB's lyrics aren't even really that bad either, probably the best I've ever heard from him, even though that's not saying much. Gucci Mane's flow was pretty on point, Yo Gotti has an interesting voice.. and uh, yeah that's about it. Haha, for real, this is purely about the beat, no artist shined on the track for any lyrical prowess that's for sure. For all of Soulja Boy's past Super Nintendo video game sounding productions, I have to give him props for makin this one happen.

3. Yamaha Mama - You can't hate this song. You really can't. The production is not only great (we got Polow da Don on this!), it's overall a very well-done track. Sean Kingston absolutely makes the song with his contribution. He has one verse that he repeats three times throughout the song, does the bridge, as well as singing the hook. This really should be Sean Kingston featuring Soulja Boy. The hook features a sample of "Vroom on a yamaha, chromed out eleven hundred" from Lil Wayne & Birdman's "Stuntin Like My Daddy". Soulja Boy's lyrics are pretty much trash, even for an r&b style song like this, and yet you really don't take too much notice due to Kingston's performance. Soulja Boy doesn't get that kind of help on the rest of the album that's for sure.

4. Kiss Me Thru The Phone - Honestly, this song in its entirety, sucks. But the hook is interesting thanks to Sammie. Cmon now, I don't have much to work with here!!

5. Whoop Rico - "When we start dancing, what we do, we hurt they feelings." The beat is very similar to "Knuck If You Buck" by Crime Mob, and is pretty much an attempt at a club banger with some sort of dance as well. "Wit My Yums On" and "Rubber Bands" were runner-ups, all three of these songs are just about their beat, because otherwise they aren't worthy of any mention.

Best Feature

Soulja Boy easily could've done without every single one of his features with the exception of Sean Kingston. Kingston takes Yamaha Mama from a disgrace to a catchy pop/r&b radio-play capable track. I've always been a big fan of Kingston, his first album was a huge success and I'm hoping to hear some new stuff from him soon, it's been a while!

Got That Club Whistle

TooKnown's Leak of the Day

I got some new heat sent over from that dude BFochs. Only fucks with good dudes so peep this shitt. Also peep some new Phoenix Jones on BFochs PAGE and show some LOVEEEE!!!!!!!

Ghetto F.A.B. feat. Topix - The Club Whistle 2.0. [Fire]

Sunday, December 14

The Remedy - Interview

TooKnown's Interview of the Day

Dude right here is sick with tha flow and comes from that place where u shake them dreads....after the interview peep the tracks below, dude fucks with DJ Unreal, so u know he's legit DONT SLEEP!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. Lets start off by tellin everyone out there who u are and were u come from??
(The Remedy)I'm The Remedy, from Santa Clara, 408, the Bay Area, Cali !!! I rep my turf, I rep that bay all day ya dig?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2. How long have you been in the rap game??
The passion has been with me since day one, but if you wanna say it professionaly. About 2 years ago. I got a big breaktrhough when I rapped for Mistah F.A.B. over the phone for a segment he used to have
on his radio show.

3. Since u come from the Bay, would u say your style is the same or different than normal Bay artists??
I grew up in the 90's so a lot of my sound is influenced by the Gangsta rap and Mob music we had out here. Some of y'all might be familiar with the Hyphy movement we have as well. With me you get a mix of old bay and new bay. My style is me, but you get the good sounds with me.

4. What's your take on the other artists from the Bay??
They're the ones that paved a way for me and other new artists comin out the Bay. E-40, Too Short, Spice 1, Digital Underground, San Quinn, JT The Bigga FIgga, Big Rich, Bailey, Ya Boy, The Mob Figaz, Clyde Carson, Turf Talk, Mistah F.A.B..... Shit the list goes on haha. But I owe it all to them!

5. I heard you got a new tape comin out. Wanna give a lil info bout that??
Yessir, Wake The Game Up. Hosted & Mixed by my homie DJ UnReal. Its my debut mixtape, and its finna be a hot one! I will show the world why its called what it is! Just be on the lookout for that, droppin real real soon! The features are gonna be local and of course people from Florida yadida!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
6. Do you think Hip Hop is where it should be?? What can you do to help it out??
Thats a good question...... Hip Hop is and will always be around. Ain't nothin gonna change that.
But theres a certain sitiuation in hip hop thats happening. A lot of so called artists are getting
deals for songs that I pretty much think are complete bull shit. (Yes Soulja Boy im talkin about you!) Hip hop will stay alive cuz real people like me will keep doin what we do. Never bow down to that Bubble Gum rap y'all fakes be puttin out! You can quote me on this, all you rappers that just make shit like Crank Dat, etc. should be exterminated! haha.

7. There's been some recent beef with 2 young artists in the game, Soulja Boy and Charles Hamilton. What's your take on that situation??
First of all, shouts out to Hamilton. He's doin his thing. mixtape after mixtape. Soulja Girl needs to quit with all this bullshit he puts out. Dude is trash. I aint just saying this to get some exposure either. You are the gayest rapper out there and Hamilton just put you in your place. You tried to go at Ice-T and others but dude come on! Didn't your ass have a gay sex tape out or some shit? Go crawl back under whatever rock you came out of and leave rap alone!

8. If you could have one MAJOR feat. on your single, who would you choose??
The Game. Ever since the first time I heard him I was hypnotized (No Homo). Dude is just too raw. Ask anyone I know, they'll tell you he's my favorite rapper. Shouts out to Game and the whole Black Wall Street.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years??
Livin my dream, makin hits. Livin in Miami with a fine chica on my arm haha. Workin on an album and givin back to the communities that raised me!
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10. Thanks for doin this interview mann. You got any last words or shoutouts??
Thanks goes to you! But yeah I got a few shout outs!
What up to:
DJ UnReal
My home girl Samantha
Stik Gilatine
2 Left Feet
TooKnown for doin this interview, and everybody out there supportin me and keepin me on my grind!
Hi haters!
Wake The Game Up comin soon!!!

Bonus Tracks

The Remedy feat. 2 Left Feet & The D.B.'z - Hold Yo Stack Up [Hot Fiya]

The Remedy feat. Mugzi & B-Slimm - How I Live [Fire]

Da Realist - Review

Slander's Review of the Day

A question that's sure to stir up some controversy, who's the realest rapper on top of shit these days? Plies seems pretty confident with his three albums entitled The Real Testament, Definition of Real, and now Da Realist. Too bad he has a huge reputation for being one of the most fake goons in the game today. Regardless, Plies still makes hits and gets my respect for some quality singles in his first two tapes. Da Realist is Plies' second release in only six months after Definition of Real, which is a big deal considering there are over 30 tracks between them both. Overall, production value of Da Realist would probably fit somewhere in between his first two tapes, with a few above average tracks, several average, and the rest just plain boring. I'm not the biggest fan of this tape, it definitely isn't his "best work so far" as he's quoted as saying, probably because his top songs don't top his best songs on his past releases, but there are definitely a few quality tracks worthy of radio play. With that said, his lyrics are better overall as he focuses a bit more on real issues (hey maybe now he's putting the word "real" to use) instead of just talking about sex in every song. Since I'll only be showing you a Top 5, I really need to point out how terrible "I Chase Paper" and "Fuck U Gon' Do Bout it" are. Really, they should've just been cut. Features include Chris J, Sean Garrett, and Ashanti. Props to Sean Garrett for gettin on tracks nowadays instead of just producing, he's got a pretty different voice and sometimes can sound a bit wack, but he doesn't sound half-bad on "Street Light".

Album Art

Ehh.. never a strong point for Plies. He tries hard to look raw and to be honest, I don't see it. His first album had better art.

Album Length

We've got 16 tracks on here, if you discount those two I mentioned that sucked in the tape synopsis, you still got 14 tracks haha, and that's definitely enough for a major release. Nice job Plies with hittin us with two loaded albums in six months, real talk.

Top 5

1. Heard Of Me

2. Pants Hang Low (prod. Mannie Fresh)

3. Gotta Be

4. Put It On Ya (ft. Chris J)

5. Me and My Goons

1. Heard Of Me - I'm feelin Plies' flow on this track all the way. He's got swag on this track for sure, somethin' bout the dude's voice and delivery in this song just brings it to that level. Lyrics are on point, production is just as good as it needs to be, nothing special. This edges out Pants Hang Low because of it's uniqueness in Plies' style.

2. Pants Hang Low - Best produced track on the album. Clearly, because it's Mannie Fresh, almost everything he uses his classic 'boom boom clap' on gets airplay. "Will I still fuck her I don't know yeah probably haha!", only Plies. His flow fits the song perfectly, his lyrics really aren't bad at all, and the chorus is damn catchy. There's a reason this was released as his first single. "I'm from the hood and that's how shit goes!"

3. Gotta Be - Plies is a realist on this track. Whether you respect the dude as a true goon or not, the story he tells on this song is real talk no doubt. His lyrics are top-notch, probably one of the best on the album. The beat is a little something chill mixed with that feeling of reflection. Quality track right here that hopefully raises Plies' credibility as a real hip-hop artist.

4. Put It On Ya - Plies wouldn't have a chance with this song if it wasn't for Chris J (who I've never heard about, even his wikipedia entry got removed due to a "lack of importance" haha!). Plies' lyrics are pretty much exactly what he's said on about 20 other songs, just now with some "original" metaphors. The song is catchy due to Chris, that's all.

5. Me and My Goons - This may have the most simplistic beat of any song I've heard in a while, and for some reason it's extremely catchy. The flow just crawls, there ain't another song on this album that you can slow tip to like this. If Plies only changed it up a bit he could've kept this track for gettin' a bit boring towards the end. He does sound drunk the entire time, haha, which he even clarifies "my goons paranoid so please don't flinch, cause all my goons ain't got good sense, we all dead drunk, and all us lit but I love my goons cause they tote they shiiiit.." It's Plies, that's a good verse for him, hell it made me laugh.

Best Feature

Chris J, no competition. Ashanti was useless on her track and Sean Garrett wasn't enough to save the disappointing "Street Light". Chris makes his song a top track, so clearly he gets this credit without hesitation.