Thursday, April 30

Hawk - Automatic/Where Da Bread At/Make a Movie

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

I heard all these Hawk joints prob around the same time. But Im guessing now is the time for Hawk to blow. Got another one from Kingston's artist and one featuring Gucci. So peep the goodness!!!!
Shouts to Smirf...

Hawk feat KC - Automatic [Hot Fiya]

Hawk feat Pleasure P - Make a Movie [Fire]

Hawk feat Brisco, Dre & Flo Rida - Where Da Bread At [Fire]

IYAZ - Yagga Town (Knock You Down Remix) [Hot Fiya]

Art of Raw feat Gucci Mane - Hella Bad [Fire]

Takin Over the World...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got a couple of mixtapes, one with that dude Willy Northpole. If yall dont like him by now..theres deff something wrong with you..real shit. So peep these tapes and come back later for some more hott ish. YOU KNOW!!!!!

Fuck the Pigs...haha

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got them singles on deck once again. Got some hott shit cookin up and yall aint gon believe it. Schools gettin crazy and this Swine Flu bullshit is in Orlando. Its all good. The music will keep me safe. Ha...peep these for now and some more hot ish will be droppin today. YAE!!!!!

Trixta - Star [Fire]

DJ Scream feat Shawty Lo & Cosa Nostra - On My Grind

Swizz Beatz - When I Step In the Club [Hot Fiya]

Colby O'Donis feat Paul Wall - She Wanna Go [Fire]

Milk Dee - Top Billin' (Original) [Hot Fiya]

Shouts to MassiveTrip...
Red Cafe feat Jadakiss, Kardinal Offishall, Fabolous, Joe Budden, Royce 5'9 & Diddy - Hottest in the Hood (Massive Trip Remix)

Wednesday, April 29

Woogie got the Streets on Beats

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Some new ish from that dude DJ Woogie!!!

DJ Woogie & Tha Kid Shadow - Streets On Beats 32 (Hosted By Hakeen The Dreem)



Yung Stet of DreamTeam Interview....

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

Got the chance to sit down with one of the members of the group DreamTeam, signed by Lil Flip. The DreamTeam consists of Young Stet and Ages "The Great". Interview with Ages coming REAL soon. But I am just trying to get more advice for these underground artists, well from already well established artists themselves so...peep and ENJOY!!!

(TooKnown) 1. What it do fam! Thanks one more for doing this interview, from the DreamTeam of course, but let em know who you are, even tho I bet they already know, plus where you represent..
(Yung Stet) No problem its all love. Im Yung Stet, Im 20 and Im in the rap group "DreamTeam" which is under the Clover G Records label. Which is Lil Flip's label & I rep Rockford, Illinois 815 Midwest stand up!!!!!

2. When did you first start rapping and what influenced you??
Ive been rappin for fun & doin talent shows since I was like 11 or 12 but I got real serious with the music when I turned 15. Umm as far as influences are concerned of course 2pac was the main one, even though our music isnt the same style he still made me want to rap because he was so great. But mainly growing up, listenin & watchin Bow Wow, he would have to be my main influence since were soo similar & the same age. I get compared to him everyday!!!
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3. Thats funny, you said you are signed to Clover G, how did you even meet Lil Flip??
I meet Flip through his Manager/DJ Golden Child & he was really feelin our music & our style, so he introduced us to Flip & he felt the same, & now the rest is

4. How long have you and Ages "The Great" been the DreamTeam??
I came up with the "DreamTeam" imprint back in 2005 & it came from the original basketball DreamTeam. The reason was because the DreamTeam were the best, the best at what they did & no one was better than them. They made history and everyone knows them!! You know where im goin with this right??

5. Yea I got it...loll. What are some of the benefits of being a duo instead of individual artists??
The creativity aspect is way bigger. You got 2 minds instead of one & it makes the appearance better to the general audience. There hasnt been a real duo since Kriss Kross so were gonna pick up where they left off but 10x better!! disrespect to KK!

6. Other than Lil Flip, who have DreamTeam worked with and who yall wanna work with??
We've worked with Lil Twist & Gudda Gudda from Young Money. Chamillionaire & Essay Potna from Clover Geez. Brian Angel from Day 26, & Pleasure P. But as far as who we wanna work with goes Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Wayne, Drake, Luda, 50 Cent..I mean I could go on all day naming the "Greats" I want to work with. Everybody..Im just that diverse that I could actually do it & pull it off.
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7. Do you guys got any new singles or mixtapes out at the moment?? Or any new projects coming soon??
YEA MAN!!!! We released our street buzz single featuring Lil Flip called "That'z Wat It Iz" last year & that had a great welcome. But now its time for something for the ladies. This is gonna be the big one. Our 2nd single called "My Boo" featuring Lil Twist of Young Money & Essay Potna of Clover Geez and its gonna be everywhere this summer, radio & all! Oh & be on the look out for our 2nd mixtape "Fly As We Wanna Be Vol.2" coming this summer too. The 1st Volume did 28k digital downloads online.

8. Do you like all the fame and attention, I mean after signing to Clover G's and all??
Yea I cant complian, it is nice that people know who we are!

9. If there was one piece of advice you could give to the upcoming rapper, what would it be??
I hate answering this question because people always say "Every artist says that" but my advice is to never let anyone tell you you cant do something. If you want it & want it bad enough nothing can hold you back. Also just stay focused & perfect your craft because everybody wants to be a rapper & only a few make it! Stay dedicated!
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10. For the past 5-10 years rappers, producers and the fans have been saying that hip hop is dead. Whats your take on that??
HIP-HOP IS NOT DEAD!!!!!! I hate that term. Hip-hop has just evolved into something new. Imagine if it stayed the same since the 70's & 80's?? It would be wack nowadays because its not relevant! I mean I respect all the different types of hip-hop & thats just it, different types!! If you dont evolve or stay with the times you wont be successful...period!

11. I feel you on that too, but you got any last words or shoutouts??
Shout out 2 the entire DreamTeam Entertainment Brand, My big brother/ other half of DreamTeam: Ages "The Great" My manager GC aka Godlen Child, Lil Flip, my city Rockford, Illinois 815 stand up!!! Big shout out to any one who supports us..including TooKnown's WellKnowns, we love yall!!! 09 is ours, buhlee dat!!!!!

12. Thanks once again for doin this interview man, and we cant wait to hear ya new shit.
-My pleasure, its all love!

Hit the Myspace!!! HERE
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White Tee feat Yung Stet - Im On Fire (Hot Tamale) [Hot Fiya]

Wiz is That Dude.....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Here's 2 new tracks from Boston's own MC / Producer Wiz that were recorded last weekend at Altitude Studios in Boulder, CO. The dudes over at TCC hold him down so you know hes legit...PEEP!!!!
Shouts to TCC...

Wiz - Opening Day [Fire]

Wiz - Kimber (R.I.P) [Hot Fiya]

Tuesday, April 28

Tec Diamonds is BACKKKK

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Aztec aka Tec Diamonds was on the Ruff Ryder roster durring the 2002 2003 session and has bounced...until now. Hes deff back bigger than ever. With his new tape "Destined for Greatness" he is basically showing his New York flow and sick lyrics. So this is one to not sleep on. Dude is backed by some of the greats and should blow in 09....PEEP!!!

Tec Diamonds - Walk In My Shoes [Hot Fiya]

Streetz & Young Deuces - "Straight Drop Muzik"

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got this new ass mixtape from them dudes SNYD better known as Streetz-N-Young Deuces. This heat is entitled, "Straight Drop Muzik" and is mixed & hosted By Head Debiase of the Aphilliates, so you know its a banger. This is deff one not to sleep on, I mean, getting Drama on your tape deff shows you goin somewhere...COP IT!!!!

ps. check BFoch's Review on the tape as well...

1. Intro
2. All My Life
3. DJ Drama Speaks
4. Straight Drop Muzik (Prod. By Dj Triza)
5. Shawty So Strapped (Prod. By Tha Franchize)
6. My City (Prod. By K-Monsta)
7. Semi Flow (Prod. By Dj Triza)
8. Gucci (Prod By Dj Triza)
9. Crazy (Prod By Dj Triza)
10. Welcome 2 Da Mil (Prod. ByJuss Fresh)
11. Get It In
12. Willie The Kid Speaks
13. Limelight (Prod. By Uncle Ruck)
14. Wangin' (Prod. By Astro Da Kid)
15. Freestyle (Cannon Beat) f/Yo Dot, Prophetic & B-Eazy
16. Who I Be (Prod. By Trapademic)
17. Ask About Me f/HK
18. Everybody Know Me (Prod. By 2Much of BTP)
19. Jumpin' Out The Phantom (Prod. By Astro Da Kid)
20. You Know Me (Remix) f/Jeff Johnson
21. Cop A Squat (Prod. By 2Much of BTP)
22. Break Ya Ankles
23. Use To It (Prod. By Astro Da Kid)
24. I Remember (Prod. By Juss Fresh)
25. Girls Like Base (Prod. By Dj Triza)

Vintage Linked up w/ Jimmie Hoffa...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

East End Empire's own, Vintage, linked up with Jimmie Hoffa for this cut right here. Jimmie Hoffa - "State Of Emergency" hosted by Big Mike, Superstar Jay, & DJ Capcom out now, Vintage's debut mixtape coming this summer. So be on the look out for that new one by my man Vintage and go cop Jimmie's tape now!!!!!

Vintage feat. Jimmie Hoffa - New Pussy (Freestyle) [Hot Fiya]

Monday, April 27

Rick Ross - Exclusive

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Haha this pics old...but as yall know Ross dropped his last album on 4/21 and it is a banger. This is a cut that didnt make the tape. So peep it and peep the lil extra at the bottem...more to come!!! YAE!!

Rick Ross - Lost Intro [Hot Fiya]

Fred the Gift - Liquid Flow [Fire]

The Remedy - Last of a Dying Breed

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

You know I had already leaked this track a lil while ago but here is the mastered version. Rems tape has been coming out for a while now but we finally got a date and that will be released soon. SO peep this newer version and CA I see yall fam!!!!

The Remedy feat. Stik Gilatine - Last of a Dying Breed [Fire]

Nicess "Musik of All Greatness"

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

I have recently started working with Nicess and his clic a lil bit ago...but from what Im allowed to tell yall...him and his crew come with only fire beats, production and of course lyrics. Dude has worked along side the likes of Rick Ross, Ballgreezy, Brisco and theres more to come. So right here is Nicess' mixtape "Musik of All Greatness" and this shit comes hard. Show some love and as as always happy Monday and enjoy the rest the weeek!!!!!!


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Sunday, April 26

That dude Ne-Yo...

Slander's Video of the Day

Ay what's good everyone, back in February I went to a Ne-Yo and Musiq Soulchild concert up here in Gainesville, and damn, they both put on amazing performances. I had my digital camera with me tryin to get some video, but I don't have that crazy HDR quality shit that TooKnown has soooo my footage is pretty average and shaky. And I only had enough memory to record like 5 songs. BUT HEY, it's Ne-Yo and if yall know a real artist when you see one, you'll enjoy this. Check it!

Slicc Ronson Is BACKKK

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

DAMNNN its been a minute since this dude threw anything new my way, but he has been havin big things poppin over on his side of the country. From making big deals, signing amazing talent, dudes juss all over the place making a name for him self and his crew. Be on the look out for more of his new shit to drop soon....GET WITH IT!!!!!

Slicc Ronson - All Nite (Jiggin') [Hot Fire]

Slicc Ronson - Creep Thru Slow [Fire]

Saturday, April 25

Jeezy Signed Him for a Reason.....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

CTE Presents: Ray Rizzy-Heartbeat: Heart Of The Streets (Hosted By DJ Stretch & DJ Infotek). Like my dude said....Jeezy signed him for a reason...its Jeezy. Come peep this and show CTE some love!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...


KG = Lady Gaga??

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

I played this song and I was like um...Lady Gaga II....loll naw but on some real shit this some club hype shit juss like her counterpart and this girl aint bad hit em brown tho....haha..PEEP!!!!
Shouts to Smirf...

KG - Sassy [Fire]

Friday, April 24

Deeper Than Rap - Review

Slander's Review of the Day

Deeper. Than. Rap. There's a good chance you've heard those three words more times in the last year and half than you could possibly remember. Almost every track Rick Ross had a featured verse on, every mixtape he's contributed to, every show he's performed for, every single interview he's done... you know as well as I do that Ross has been coming real hard to hype up Deeper Than Rap as his best album to date. So is it his best? A lot of critics are saying it doesn't match up to Trilla, which I agree was an excellent album (made my Top 10 of 2008). But, I'm not so sure you can compare the two. Deeper Than Rap has a much different feel to it than Trilla, and for what Ross was going for I think he succeeded. He's been establishing his image for a while but Deeper Than Rap really cements it. Every song is associated with the whole glamourous druglord/boss lifestyle and the production is perfect for setting that tone. Ross also has an excellent array of features: T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, John Legend, Magazeen, Nas, The-Dream, Avery Storm, Robin Thicke, Foxy Brown, Gunplay, Ne-Yo and Trina. So, did Deeper Than Rap live up to the hype? I'm gonna say it comes damn close.

Album Art

Rick Ross lookin' like the BOSS. Lookin like he's straight outta Scarface, haha.

Album Length

We got 14 tracks here, standard.


Top 5

1. Maybach Music Pt. 2 (ft. T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Kanye West)

2. Magnificent (ft. John Legend)

3. Mafia Music

4. Valley Of Death

5. Usual Suspects (ft. Nas)

Honorable Mention: "Yacht Club", "Bossy Lady", and "All I Really Want" all deserve some recognition. They're all upbeat and catchy songs, primarily because of the featured hooks. My only issue was that they weren't up to the level of the top 5, but they're still good tracks nonetheless.

1. Maybach Music Pt. 2 - At 5 minutes long, this is one of the longer tracks on the album, but it doesn't even seem to linger at all, thanks to great performances by all the artists. Maybach Music Pt. 2 easily eclipses the original by a long shot. Production shines the brightest here, and T-Pain on an extended hook really carries the song to another level. Kanye West and Wayne both lend nice verses to compliment Ross' strong performance.

2. Magnificent - This is where you know Ross is serious about his luxury. This beat paired with John Legend's vocals just shouts high-class living. One of Ross' strongest lyrical performances where he really struts his swag, "Words work magic, haters wreak havoc, but there ain't nothin' on my back but the delicates of fabrics.
I made a transition from the thieves to the biggest executive Def Jam's ever seen." But, as we all know, it's deeper than the rap, you know Ross can show you better than he can tell you.

3. Mafia Music - Alright, I wanted to make this my #1, but I know a lot of listeners who only like mainstream tracks wouldn't really feel this as much as the rest of us. You get so lost in Ross' lyrics you forget that there isn't even a chorus in this 4 minute song! This is where Ross shows his true talent. If you love hip hop, you'll appreciate this track the most.

4. Valley Of Death - Toomp picked a SICK sample to lend background vocals and hit the chorus, cause it really gives that old lavish feeling to a tight bouncin' beat. Ross had the same predictable flow throughout the song but never takes a break on delivering solid lyrics. Definitely a chill song worthy of recognition.

5. Usual Suspects - I'm really feelin' The Inkredibles' laid back beat mixed with the lively chorus, nice contrast. I was expecting a little bit more from Nas, but he did his thing as expected (does Nas ever disappoint?). Ross didn't really bring too much to the track either, basically a decent performance. I feel like this is just a song to vibe to, nothing really too extraordinary.

Best Feature

Tough decision with all the great artists, but T-Pain really sings an excellent hook on the #1 song, which I think is deserving enough for Best Feature. Basically, this album is really just all about Ross, so while there were a lot of top artists featured, Ross just out-shined 'em all.

Mixtapes On Blast...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Tonight I decided Ima take some time off to do some of my videos but Im back with a huge mixtape post and hopefully tonight SLANDER will have something out tonight. YAE!!!!

Thursday, April 23

Kayo is a BAWSE!!!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This dude right here is real legit. Not only is that a pic up there of him and Paul Wall, but of course he has to have a track called I'm a Boss. He hit me up and were also getting an interview in, so be on the lookout for peep this now and when we get that already know its BAWSE!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Kayo Alcatraz - I'm A Boss [Hot Fiya]

The Art of Slaughterhouse Blends...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Some new shit, them dudes from Slaughterhouse are raw as fuck. PEEP!!!!

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Wednesday, April 22


**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Havent heard from dude in a minute but hes getting ready to release his new album "Loso's Way." It should be a banger. If you dont believe me then peep the tracks and tell me other wise!!!!!
Shouts to Smirf...

Fabolous feat. Jerimiah - Its My Time [Hot Fiya]

Fabolous feat. The Dream - Throw It in a Bag [Hot Fiya]

Black a.k.a. Dada - I'm a Zoe

Tuesday, April 21

Operation D-Block....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Yes, another DJ Woogie tape but this time partnering up with DJ Whiteowl...soo peep this shit and you know what to do!!!!

1.Jadakiss Ft Puff Daddy - Rockstar (Not On Album)
2.Jadakiss - Freestyle
3.Styles P - The Devil
4.Jadakiss Ft Raekwon - How Its Goin Down
5.Jadakiss & Nas - What If
6.Styles P & Jadakiss - 1 Step
7.Sheek Louch - Jadakiss & Si - Come & Get Me
8.Styles . P - Kick The Door In
9.Styles . P - Freestyle 2
10.Sheek Louch & A.P - Freestyle
11.Styles . P - I Drink 2 Much
12.Jadakiss - Lockdown
13.Sheek Louch Ft Bully , A.P & Snyp Life - Freestyle
14.Jadakiss Ft Mary J Blige - Grind Hard
15.Sheek Louch , Joell Ortiz, Freeway , Saigon & Bun B - Just Say It
16.Styles P - Freestyle 3
17.Jadakiss - Torture
18.Jadakiss - Pcp
19.Sheek Louch - Freestyle
20.Styles P - Handle Biz
21.Styles P - Sheek Louch - Trash Bag Money
22.Styles P Ft Bully & Snyp Life - It%U2019s On Freestyle
23.Styles P & Sheek Louch - Get It
25.Styles P Ft Tre Williams & Dj O.P - Street Life
26.Styles P & Corpral Asskick- Far Rock 2 Y.O
27.Jadakiss & Jazmine Sullivan - Smokin Gunz
28.Jadakiss & Lil Wayne - Magic
29.Jadakiss & French Montana - N.Y Minute
30.Sheek Louch & A.P - Freestyle
31.Jadakiss - Kiss My Ass
32.Jadakiss - Pop That


Bi-Polar Gorilla - DJ Woogie

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Not only is today the today after 4/20..PAUSE..relax and roll up Ashers album cuz we dont need a holiday to celebrate..loll. ANYWAYSSSS got some new shit today like I have been posting but got a new tape right here by that dude DJ Woogie, so peep and ENJOY!!!!


I Feel Good....

**TooKnown's Video/Leak of the Day**

New edition from that dude PUNCH. You know this dude always comes hard, so dont sleep and theres a lil bonus at the bottom as well....YAE!!!

AMADU'S CORNER - Punch, Remo The Rapstar & T Weaponz

Bonus Leak
Warren G feat Travis Barker & Black Nic - Lets Get High [Hot Fiya]

Monday, April 20

4/20/2009 The Mixtape

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

I have been waitin for this tape for a minute now. Glad that its finally blessing the e-streets. Jam this shit while you celebrate today. Oh shit also don't forget bout Asher and Ross...BUY THE ALBUMS!!!!!

Shouts to Buck & BFochs...

1. Intro
2. Ludachris – Blue Berry Yum Yum
3. Pheonix Jones Speaks / Phoenix Jones-The Weed Song
4. Weed Skit
5. Twista – Front Porch
6. Twista – Front Porch (dj tech support blend) it
7. Collie Budz / Kid Cudi – Day N Nite Remix
8. Young Buck / Kymani Marley – Puff Puff Pass
9. Crucial Conflict – Hay
10. Spaceman - ???
11. Three Six Mafia – Im So High
12. SparkDawg Speaks
13. Young Chris / Lil Wayne – Paradise
14. Redman – Boodah Break
15. Method Man / Carlton Fisk – 4:20
16. Cypress Hill – Roll it up , Light it up
17. Wiz Khalifa Speaks
18. Redman – Whateva Man
19. DJ EFN Speaks
20. NORE - Married to Marijuana
21. The Goats – Wake N Bake
22. UGK / Sleepy Brown – Swishas N Erb
23. Devin The Dude – Cant Make it Home
24. Ill Spoken Speak
25. Ill Spoken – Tryin to Get Blazed
26. Busta Rhymes – Get High
27. Smoke Dza / Sean Kingston – Kush Blow
28. Chronic Keeping 101 (skit)
29. Styles P / Jadakiss – Blow My Mind Remix
30. Daz / Redman – Blaze Up
31. B.C – The Aroma
32. Keith Murrary – Herb is Pumpin
33. Channel Live – Mad Izm
34. Devin The Dude – Doobie Ashtray
35. Outro


Underground Segment...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Couple more independent know I hold down the underground..get wit it or get from it...YAE!!!!

Webstar feat. Jim Jones - Dancing On Me [Hot Fiya]

Gutta Twin feat. Lil Boosie - Purple Drink [Hot Fiya]

Mica Swain - Mulah (Money) [Fire]

Go Big or Go Home....Yae!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

First off Happy 4/20!!!! loll ok. How yall doin this lovely mornin me and Roman are rollin another one right I usually say, go big or go home. Yes its 4/20 and Asher comes out today but I still got a real important show tonight, so Im stayin on track..not gettin tooooo far gone. Check these BANGERSSSS before Ross drops tomorrow and youll be seein more today....YAE!!!!
Shouts to Smirf...

Rick Ross feat. Frank Linen & Triple C's - Throw Em' In the Sky [Hot Fiya]

Rick Ross - Na Na (Freestyle) [Hot Fiya]

Ron Browz feat. Juelz Santana & Keri Hilson - Simple [Fire]

Friday, April 17

Rosco - The Street Album

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

New mixtape on deck. Yall remeber that dude Rosco...this will remind you. Thanks to team BiggaRankin Rosco's "The Street Album Check Dig Series" is available for ya ears....PEEP!!!!!
Shouts to BiggaRankin...

1. Rosco - I Know How
2. Rosco-Notorious BIG - True Players
3. Rosco - Fast Life
4. Rosco - Turning Me On FREESTYLE
5. Rosco - Westside
6. Rosco - Never Say Never
7. Rosco - Blinded By The Light
8. Rosco - Who I Am
9. Rosco - Swag Ranked 1
10. Rosco - I Remember
11. Rosco - Candy On The Six-4
12. Rosco - Mention Me
13. Rosco - Blame It FREESTYLE
14. Rosco - Family Ride or Die
15. Rosco - Sorry
16. Rosco - Get Time Back
17. Rosco - Just Me
18. Bigga Rankin Outro
19. Rosco - Let Them Know


Who Want What??

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got another banger from that dude Franchise. Always comes hard and deff not one to sleep on. This track right here is the first cut off of "Schitzophrenic Mindset" coming soon. Be on the look out for the video as well. YAE!!!

Franchise - Who Want What? [Hot Fiya]

Singles on Deck....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Singles blast on deck. loll. This is how its goin down, I'm viben to that Deeper Than Rap, yes way before it comes out. So get at me the review is coming soon along with a lot more. So be on the look out for that and look out for alllll the fuckin videos Manic Productions has filmed over the past week. We doin big things over here. So get with it or get left!!!!!

Shouts to Smirf...
J.Money feat. Rick Ross - I'm Ballin [Fire]

Teairra Mari feat. Kanye West - Diamonds [Hot Fiya]

Shouts to MP3Waxx...
Skent Dukes - Steady Watchin [Fire]

Warren G - Mr. DJ [Fire]

Thursday, April 16

White Tee Interview...

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

Got the chance to do a lil interview with S.O.D. Money Gang member, White Tee. Dudes real legit. Single is hott, and can't wait for the mixtape with that dude DJ Woogie, but on the real dude doesnt need any more introduction...CHECK THE INTERVIEW!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. First off like to say thanks for takin time to do this interview with me. I know the people know who you are but go head tell em what you represent??
(White Tee)The name is White Tee, my bro Soulja Boy Tell'Em gave me the name and I'm S.O.D. Money Gang!

2. I remember reading when you got in, but how exactly did you link up with Soulja Boy and S.O.D. Money Gang??
Ended up doing work with him online through YouTube and Myspace, then we got connected through Yums even further and it was game over after that.

3. I see you have been traveling a lot with Soulja while he travels to do shows here and there. How has your life changed since joining S.O.D. Money Gang??
People recognizing me and stuff like that, gotten to experience a lot of things most people my age dream of doing but never get to.
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4. You have a new song out, with the homie Lil Chuckee, called Walk With a Limp, how did that song come about??
download at the bottom
Really me and Chuckee were talkin about doing some tracks for the mixtape and he shot it over and it was a done deal we made a hit!

5. Do you have any new projects or mixtapes coming up??
Got my S.O.D. Money Gang mixtape coming out hosted by DJ Woogie supposed to drop this month if everything goes right, got a lot of features like the whole S.O.D. crew, Sean Kingston, Lil Chuckee and Lil Twist of Young Money, Hot Stylz, Lil Wil and more!! It's called "S.O.D.M.G. Presents - Hanes 'White Tee' - Tha Mixtape."

6. How did you come up with, or receive the name White Tee??
We were at Soulja Boy's house one night makin a video for YouTube and Soulja Boy called me that a couple of times in the video and it stuck ever since.
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7. Before linking up with Soulja, what were you doin?? What music did you have out??
Got my start lyrically with Soulja Boy, but I was producing before that.

8. How does you music now-a-days compare to before you linked up??
Definitely upgraded, getting to work with different artists you learn things from each other and pick up on different things.

9. Being that whenever Im at a show Im filming, and you, you get to see everything up close and personal. How is that experience with Soulja, and other Major artists??
Its crazy watchin the fans just go nuts, and hearing them scream back every word to the songs is crazy.
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10. Speaking of up new projects; You know lots of famous people by now, theres no doubt about it, but who do you really want to work with, that you havent already??
Definitely want to work with Justin Timberlake this year, always looked up to the dude, he makes solid music and is very talented.

11. See my blog is all about the underground hustle, but at the same time supports mainstream. What is some advice you would give to the up and coming artist??
Just grind hard and don't stop. I once heard someone say this, "Don't take no for an answer from someone who cant tell you yes, if they can't tell you yes then find someone who can."

12. One last question Im gunna start doing for all my interviews, For the past 5-10 years rappers have been saying "Hip Hop is dead." What is your take on that??
If Hip Hop was dead we wouldn't be having this interview right now, LOL

13. Very tru, but thanks again for doin this interview with me and hopefully one day well link up when yall down here, well do a video or something..good looks fam.
Sounds good bro, shout outs to everyone at TooKnown's Wellknowns!!! Peace, stacks on deck!!!
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The Leak
Lil Chuckee feat. White Tee - Walk with a Limp [Hot Fiya]

I'm Gone!!!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

That dude Jay Burna is back with some more fire. Seriously, if dude doesnt get signed soon...idk...something has to happen..ha. But by the way, rep where you come from not from where you wanna be...just know dat. Ay best bet is to check this song and vibe to it...YAE!!!!

Jay Burna - Hater [Hot Fiya]

Shaun H. Mykals - Rolla Coaster [Fire]

Wednesday, April 15

Ima Take You to Flight School....

**TooKnown's Video of the Day**

Got some new ish from that dude Punch. Its been almost a month since he has released anything to the web and thank god hes back. Heres the song and the video. In the beginning he addresses a lil something watch and GET ITT!!!!!!

Punch - Flight School [Fire]

Punch - Flight School

Check It and Respect It....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some random tracks we got posted today, there not so normal for this blog, some at least..hahaha but I always support...thats what the ppl dont get...i dont hate the grind..... Just know that over here with TooKnown & Manic Productions, big shit poppin and this lil bitch ass shit stoppin. The ppl that know what I'm talkin bout know who I'm talkin bout...LETS GOO!!!!!

Good Company - A-Jaxx & The Fundamental [Fire]

Therese-Marie - Writing on the Wall

will update with link
Eminem - We Made You (Massive Trip Remix)

Deeper Than Rap...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

So, "Deeper Than Rap" the new tape from Ross is on its way 4/21. This cut from Ross actually isnt on the tape but I do have it and its a real nice tape. Its no Trilla, but still good Ross. Got another single as well soo PEEP!!!!!
Shouts to Smirf...

Rick Ross feat. Young Buck, Willie D, Trae & Bun B - Down South Hustlaz [Hot Fiya]

Black feat. Kandi - Try It Out [Fire]

Tuesday, April 14

Check It....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Today just starts the rest of the week, for me, and that means non-stop grindin and non-stop workin. SO if I slack on the posting hopefully this right here and whatever else I do....will help. I got some 4/20 on me, and its coming up soon. Viben to all these tracks...and so should YOU!!!!

Camar - Pole Technician [Fire]

Shouts to MusicJunkie...
Chamillionaire - Maybach Music (Freestyle) [Hot Fiya]

Shouts to MP3WAXXX...
Papa Reu - Get It Girl [Fire]