Sunday, May 31

D Slim - Ask About Me..HOTT!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Did a INTERVIEW with dude a while back, but havent gotten a new song for a while. We kept in touch, and he hit me up the other day sayin hes got some heat. I told him send it thru and I always got ya. So heres this shit its off his new project "The Formula." His new album is droppin this September. Look out for that new weekly D Slim joint...YAE!!!!!

D Slim -Ask About Me [Hot Fiya]

Benjamin Franklin - Putty Kat [Fire]

NEPHEWBLAQ - Keep It In Da Club [Fire]

A Bossasarus Remix....Its Antoher One!!!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got another BOSS remix from my dudes over at Bossasaurus. I have listened to the Blackout 2 more than once and this remix deff does justice to the song. In the email my dudes said that if Red and Meth see this posted everywhere they get to smoke with em....Im deff to help that cause out..hah...hit it once for me fam. YAE!!!!!

Redman & Method Man - Dangerous MCs (Bossasaurus Remix) [Hot Fiya]

Saturday, May 30

Kayo I Got You!!!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Kayo turned my attention to this mixtape that he was recently on. Along with another dude that has been on TKWK, Ricky Jewelz. But deff peep this for my dude Kayo. Like I said a couple of times for that TKWK & Kayo Alcatraz mixtape coming soon....YAE!!!!



Friday, May 29

Got some mILL Ass Singles.....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new tracks from that dude BFochs. I didnt know which pic to put cuz there are 2 artists, but only one blogger gave me them. So there we go. HA. Peep these cuts theyre dope for sure, dont sleep. I see you FOCHS!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

M.A.V - Husslas Make It Happen [Fire]

M.A.V - Lyrical Warm Up [Fire]

M.A.V - Real Talk

Ricky Jewelz - Walkin' Tall (Unreleased) [Hot Fiya]

Truth - 2 New Joints...DOPE!!!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Not only is today the day that Attack of the Blogs Pt. 2, the contest held by my dude AC and Orisue, goes down. But, we got new ish for yall this morning. Capcom stays sendin thru that underground ish and I love it. Keep it comin my dude.....YAE!!!!

Truth - Move [Fire]

Truth - A Song From Darryl [Hot Fiya]

Thursday, May 28

New Member of TooKnowns Wellknowns...

**TooKnown's Info of the Day**

"How goes it everybody, this is FreddyFresh. I'm here to inform everyone that I have recently been asked to become part of the TooKnowns WellKnowns blogspot to help out TooKnown with album reviews. For a little about me; I grew up in Chicago, moved to a little town called Hastings in MI when I ten, and moved down here to FL to go to Full Sail University. I haven't been into the hip hop game for a long time but started out like most do with the old school stuff. Thats mostly where my love has stayed throughout the years but I've been slowly introduced to alot of the new upcoming artists from TooKnown. Not only am I going to be posting album reviews, but I'm an artist on the side and have been for the past few years, just doing it for fun. In the works, I have an album which is being produced by my boy Nameless for Dieverse Productions which will be released on June 16, and also TooKnown and I have been working on a mixtape entitled "10 Items or Less" which will be released in late June and is being hosted by DJ Unreal. So be on the lookout for my first album review coming sometime this upcoming weekend." - FreddyFresh

(TooKnown)1. What up fam, before we start this lil entry interview wanna tell everyone a BREIF snippet bout urself??
(FreddyFresh)I go by FreddyFresh, Im currently going to Full Sail. Ive developed a liking for old school hip hop and hope to get more in tune with the new school

2. Thats whats up, I like to hear that kind of ish. Tell the people out there why I added you to TKWK.
Well I was invited into the crew to help with the album review workload. TK asked me to join his spot and help him out because I am one of the only people that knows hip hop like he does, so how could I say no

3. Thats the real right there. You know I stay getting albums months before they come out, so thats where your reviews are coming from. Whats the first one your going to cover??
well i asked TK what I should do for a first, and even though its already been out for awhile now, we decided that Eminem's Relapse would be a good first assignment.

4. Coudn't of picked a better tape myself. I know your an artist yourself, you wanna do a lil drop??
Well my new solo album "Ziplock" will be available June 16, and me and TK's mixtape "10 Items or Less" will be dropping late June

5. Oh shit thats whats good. You got any last words or shoutouts before we leave this bitch.
Shout outs go to TK for inviting me into the team, shout outs to my boy Nameless at Dieverse Productions for producing my album, shout outs to my boy D-Mint, Jerz, D-Lish, and shout out to DJ Unreal for hosting "10 Items or Less"

Attack of the Blogs Pt. 2 CONTEST IS TOMORROW!!!!!

**TooKnown's Info of the Day**

Heres the third and final video for AC's contest that is TOMORROW. Watch the video for the RULES the PRIZES and all the info you need bout his new tape with Mr. Get Familiar himself Clinton Sparks entitled "Attack of the Blogs Pt. 2". So check it out and you could be one of the winners!!!!!

Who's Got "10 Items or Less"...?

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some more singles on deck, you know how busy a dude gets, I couldnt post em all seperate. Its all good tho, all these singles are dope, and shouldnt be slept on. Got some more interviews coming up, plus new mixtapes that you didnt even see coming....YAE!!!!!

Star City Hustlers - Home To You [Hot Fiya]

Shouts to MassiveTrip...
Lloyd Banks feat Cassidy & Cory Gunz - Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth (Massive Trip Remix)

Shouts to BFochs...
Ricky Jewelz - On Me [Fire]

Wednesday, May 27

"R&B 2 Hiphop Like I Never Drove the Family" MIXTAPES! haha

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Aside from that probably confusing title (all 4 together) we got some nice tapes for yall today. I didnt have enough time to put all the tracklists and shit so juss peep em, some real sick shit, deff not to be slept on, what we got is "The Fake Shore Drive Mixtape", DJ Scream, Archie Eversole - "Back Like I Never Left" & "RnB 2 HipHop Vol.4" hosted by Atiba from Slip-N-Slide Records & the "Family Guy Mixtape". GET EM!!!!

Sosa Management Announcement....

**TooKnown's Info of the Day**

From D herself...
"Saturday at marcy park its for a great cause, promoting an artist and music is great but we cant forget about the community and poverty stricken children around the world. Sosa Management will be in attendance and we hope everyone else would attend as well. As Sos said in his latest single "Paper Tall", "giving back to he community and I aint even famous yet." Lets all get on that bandwagon and I hope to see you there!!!!"

IYAZ - Replay DAMN!!!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got a new joint from Sean Kingston's new artist IYAZ. This dude brings a lot to the table, its dope, deff not one to sleep on. Oh and who can hate on a dude rockin a Gucci gas mask....YAE!!!!
Shouts to Smirf...

IYAZ - Replay [Hot Fiya]

Darkside Thugz Interview

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

This is the second of a series of INTERVIEWS coming out of Miami. I don't only hold down the 561, 407, but also the 305. My dude from Magic City Management Ghost is their manager, but I have known these folks for a while now. Hitamn its the R&B goon with the dreads. The two in Darkside Thugz are Homey G & Minion. These 2 cats Blazae & J4chun are real lyricists. The last but not least is my dude Salazar, who has a lot of experience in the game, some call him the vet. So check these out and show some love...YAE!!!

Kayo Alcatraz - Still Hungry [MASTERED]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Not only do we got a shit load of singles today but this one here is from my dude Kayo. Hes goin in harder than ever nowadays. Someone to not sleep on. Oh and for all those Orlando haters, its ok we know Lebron needs a better team...loll but that dont help u out much...ha..3-1 YAE!!!!!

Kayo Alcatraz - Still Hungry (Mastered) [Hot Fiya]

Tuesday, May 26

Big Shane - 3 New Singles....DOPE!!!

**TooKnown's Leaks of the Day**

Got some new ish from this dude called Big Shane, and at first I really wasnt feelin it, the flow juss wasnt for me. But then I listened to more of his ish and its dope, not gunna lie. So peep this ish and new will be coming real soon!!!!!

Big Shane - Cocaine Music [Fire]

Big Shane feat Lil Cali & Lil Boosie - Dope Boy Fresh [Hot Fiya]

Big Shane - Ice Cream Paint Job (Flow) [Fire]

Maine Event - Im Illy

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some nice cuts from today, I got my dude Maine Event from Black Congress and then some independent joints follow. But dont sleep on my dude Maine. Him and Jay Burna are gettin Black Congress on the map, believe that!!!!!

Maine Event - Im Illy [Hot Fiya]

Revo - I'm Just Sayin Though [Fire]

Q. Parker - Still So Sexy [Hot Fiya]

Mech & Drez - Say Hello

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new ish from that dude over in the Murda MIL. He got these dudes Mech & Drez and this cut is deff dope, their new mixtape "Definition Of Swag" is coming soon. So peep this and check back soon for that!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Mech & Drez - Say Hello [Hot Fiya]

Torae, Sean Price & Marco Polo - Hold Up @ Southpaw, NYC

**TooKnown's Video of the Day**

Got a new video for yall this nice Tuesday morning, its from my dudes over at AlwaysHustle and they got this sent in from one of their boys as well. Networking is a great thing my friends. As you all know Torae and Marco Polo have "Double Barrel" dropping soon, so until then peep this vid, and be on the look out!!!!!

Torae, Sean Price & Marco Polo - Hold Up

Monday, May 25

Jimmie Hoffa - Gotta Love It

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got this new cut from that dude Hoffa, and holy shit. From beginning to end this flow is nasty. The lyrics back it up and the beat makes it alllll ok. If yall aint copped a Hoffa joint yet, this is the one to get. Deff. YAE!!!!!

Jimmie Hoffa - Gotta Love It [Hot Fiya]

Massive Trip Heavy Singles...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Havent gotten a bundle of Massive Trip remixes in a while, but Im glad they have came today. Theres a shit ton, so Im juss done talkin these dudes speak for themselves....YAE!!!!!
Shouts to MassiveTrip...

Busta Rhymes & Redman - Whatever It Takes (Massive Trip Remix)

Joe Budden & Joell Ortiz - Warfare (Massive Trip Remix)

Red Cafe feat Lil Wayne & Jae Millz - Every Girl (Massive Trip Remix)

French Montana feat Max B & Cam'Ron - Stick Up Boyz (Massive Trip Remix)

Jadakiss feat Pharrell & Mr. Cheeks - Stress Ya (Massive Trip Remix)

Cam'ron - To The Top (Massive Trip Remix)

Swizz Beats feat Fat Man Scoop - Ice Cream (Massive Trip Remix)

Ghostface & Freeway - Requiem (Massive Trip Remix)

Trey Songz feat Sheek Louch & Red Cafe - We Like Guns & Girls (Massive Trip Remix)

Two New Wiz Joints...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new Wiz joints from my dudes at TCC. This new cut The New Kid is off his up coming tape entitled "Opening Day" which is to be dropping this summer. Until then peep these hot tracks and have a great Memorial Day, I know I started mine off right!!!!!!
Shouts to TCC...

Wiz - The New Kid [Hot Fiya]

Wiz - Opening Day [Fire]

Sunday, May 24

New Breed - One Night (Remix) OH SHIT!!!!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Been workin with these twins for a while now and when this single first dropped this single. This time around my dudes over at Ear Candy Entertainment did this remix and its one for the clubs. If this song wasnt already bumpin in the clubs, it sure should be now!!!!!
Shouts to Smirf...

New Breed feat Pleasure P & Flo Rida - One Night (Remix) [Hot Fiya]

Saturday, May 23

Mac Miller - Cruisin' [Music Video]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

That dude Mac Miller has a new tape coming out real soon. But to back that and much more up, heres this new video for his single Cruisin', its dope. Directed by Rex Arrow. Peep this ish and show your friends!!!!!

Mac Miller - Cruisin'

Re-Post Saterday....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Anyone know where that screen shot from? HA! Got some re-posts for yall this early morning. I have been busy as fuck recently so I decided to post these tracks again to give myself a lil break. Speakin of lil breaks, Im going on a lil vacation today for Memorial Weekend. Im goin back down south to chill with my peoples and my fam. So Ill still be posting but not as much. Peep these hot ass tracks, unless you already did....YAE!!!!!

Black Congress -Miami Girls [Hot Fiya]

White Tee feat. Yung Stet - Im On Fire (Hot Tamale) [Hot Fiya]

Friday, May 22

Rapper Steph - Dope Female Rapper!!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This chick from Boston College is lyrically tearing up this beat. Not to be a hater cuz Im far from it, but from this song, if she had a better flow with her lyrics...I mean HOLY SHIT. But yea for real lyrical content is amazing, keep it up and yall better peep this ish!!!!!

Rapper Steph - Present State of Mind [Fire]

AC - Attack of the Blogs PART 2!!!

**TooKnown's Info of the Day**

AC is havin another Attack of the Blogs Contest. You know its goin down bigger than ever this time around tho. Sorry for the shortness but Im still trying to breathe from what just happened a minute ago...ha, peep this vid and try and win the big bucks!!!!

Heres Pt. 1

AC - PSA # 2-3

Streetz N Young Deuces - Gettin' 2 Da Money

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got a new banger from these dudes SNYD. They just dropped they mixtape and its one to deff not sleep on. I also recently did an interview, yall could scroll down, or HERE. But for this joint they linked up with that dude outa GA, Slimm Duddy. Peep this is and cop they mixtape!!!!!!
Shouts to BFochs...

Streetz N Young Deuces feat Slimm Duddy - Gettin' 2 Da Money [Hot Fiya]

Jimmie Hoffa - 2 New Tracks...AGAIN!!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Dude doesnt stop, his new tape with Capcom is coming soon but if he keeps goin at this pace, he might just show us everything on the tape before we actually get it.Haha, but I bet dude has over 100 beats done, so theres isnt anything to worry about. Juss cop these and cop that tape when it drops....YAE!!!!

Jimmie Hoffa - Phone Home [Fire]

Jimmie Hoffa - Shoot Me Down [Fire]

Thursday, May 21

The Throwbacks.....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new heat from these two characters, who are actually not bad at all. I listen to em a couple of times and it deff started to grow on me. They are deff a lil different. But peep these two kids from New York’s countryside and how they tear shit up....peep and enjoy!!!!!!

The Throwbacks - Cooties [Fire]

The Throwbacks - Say When

Bizness Boi - 2 New Tracks...DOPE!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new heat from that dude BFochs, I mean I havent had a single from this dude in a minute. But when dude comes thru hes deff got that fire. These two joints are from the kid Bizness Boi and I like em both. The last one has a lil too long of a intro for me but the lyrics are good so....YAE!!!!

Bizness Boi - Salute [Hot Fiya]

Bizness Boi - Big Wot of Money [Fire]

Hitman Interview

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

This is the first of a series of INTERVIEWS coming out of Miami. I don't only hold down the 561, 407, but also the 305. My dude from Magic City Management Ghost is their manager, but I have known these folks for a while now. Hitman its the R&B goon with the dreads. The two in Darkside Thugz are Homey G & Minion. These 2 cats Blazae & J4chun are real lyricists. The last but not least is my dude Salazar, who has a lot of experience in the game, some call him the vet. So check these out and show some love...YAE!!!

KNS - Layers Pt. 1 (Fallin) [Mixtape]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got a new mixtape sent over from that dude Capcom. Its some new ish from KNS the Engineer. Dude has a ton of features, and the beats arent that bad either. So peep this tape AND a couple traks below.....YAE!!!!

KNS the Engineer feat Gucci Mane - Want Nun [Fire]

KNS the Engineer feat $in, Cassidy, Ar-Ab, Drag-On & Maino - We Throwin [Fire]


Eric Sosa - New Show (5/24)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got a new show coming up from my dude Eric Sosa. I heard from my good friend that he held it down for sure. Seen a couple of pics from the show and hopefully next time well be able to see some video. But until then heres his single with a pic from the night....YAE!!!!

Eric Sosa - Paper Tall [Hot Fiya]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday, May 20

The Bailout - Special Edition: Terry Urban's Birthday

**TooKnown's News of the Day**

Got a new event for yall. Besides what Im doing this weekend, which I cant say yet loll. But today is my dude Terry Urbans day of birth. He sent thru this flyer so I could let errone know whats goin down and whos gunna be there. So YALL SHOULD GO!. Some of the DJs holdin down the night include, Double-O from Kidz in the Hall, Mick Boogie, Parler w/ guest DJs PJ from The Cool Kids and the man himself Terry Urban. Like I said its goin down tonight, @ SUTRA LOUNGE, its located on 16 First Ave bet. First & Second St., NYC. Doors at 10pm, PLUS its a recession proof cover - FREE. But to get inside MUST RSVP to Have a good one my dude..!!!!!

Elan Isaiah - I Just Want to Fuck

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got a message from a DJ sayin he had that new artist. I took a look and this dudes whole vibe on the track is awesome. Hailing from LA, California. This singer/song writer deff shows his skills on this track. Its all about what guys really want with woman.. loll. So peep this hot ass joint..and you will be deff seeing more from this dude...YAE!!!!!

Elan Isaiah - I Just Want to Fuck [Hot Fiya]

Mac Miller - Bitch Im the Jukebox

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got a new cut NOT on the new mixtape "The Jukebox" which is on its way to us on June 1st. So until then cop this but on that day u gotta get a copy....YAE!!!

Mac Miller - Bitch Im the Jukebox [Hot Fiya]

Tuesday, May 19

Jimmie Hoffa - 2 New Tracks...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This dude just keeps puttin out track after track after track. He doesnt stop. Mixtape on the way with DJ Capcom, so until then, peep these cuts!!!!

Jimmie Hoffa - So Amazing [Fire]

Jimmie Hoffa - Cartel Gathering [Hot Fiya]

R.I.P. Roderick Anthony Burton II aka Dolla (Konvict Muzik)

**TooKnown's Info of the Day**

Woke up to some horrible news today, before heading out. If you havent already heard, Dolla from Konvict Muzik was fataly shot and killed in a valet area at the Belverly Center mall. For the entire story click HERE. But for some singles to remember this very talented artist that left us wayyyyy too early scroll to the bottom. And of course pray for his family and friends in this rough time. Dolla was working on his new album "A Dolla & A Dream" prior to this happening. Hopefully Konvict will release his CD for him in his memory, R.I.P. Dolla.

Dolla feat T-Pain & Tay Dizm - Who the Fuck is That [Hot Fiya]

Dolla feat Lil Wayne - Make a Toast [Hot Fiya]

Dolla - Georgia Nights [Hot Fiya]

Music 4 Tha Mynd Vol. 1 Hosted By Franchise...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

New mixtape hosted by that dude Franchise. Ish is dope, got some sad news this morning when I woke up. Will be covering that shortly, but just know it shocked the hell out of me and....Ima just stop. Peep this tape and show love to that dude Franchise!!!!!

1. Franchise - Intro
2. Franchise - Coastin’ (Freestyle Exclusive)
3. Good Company - Ayatollah & The Fundamental
4. Drake - Dead Presidents (Freestyle)
5. Franchise - Maybach Music 2
6. Mikey Bloodshot Ft. Jadakiss - When I Grow
7. Young Fidget - Shut The City Down
8. Franchise Ft. Tip Tha Ill Spit - Pardon You
9. Tone Trump - In Da Morning (Prod. Steve Morales)
10. Nottz Ft. Kardinal Offishall and Cory Gunnz - Can’t Hide the Truth
11. Vebal Murda - So Good
12. Franchise - Interlude
13. Good Company - Malcolm with a Mic (Remix)
14. Young Fidget Ft. Kahryn - No One
15. Colby O'Donnis Ft. Paul Wall - She Wanna Go
16. Franchise - Who Want Wat (Prod. Big Jerm)
17. Mikey Bloodshot Ft. Ike D - Bread & Butter
18. Good Company - G.O.O.D.
19. Franchise - From Now Til' Then
20. DJ Drama - Ft. Nas, Willie The Kid, Scarface, And Marsha Ambrosius - Yacht Music
21. Franchise – Outro/ Homicidal Friends (Prod. P. Fish)
*Bonus* - Hopsin - Pans In The Kitchen *


Monday, May 18

Ever Heard of Manic Mondays?

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

A very nice day for some independent singles. Got some new guys that I have never heard of before, they are dope as fuck. Ha, that shows you something huh. Gotta look to find the good shit, if your me, it comes to your email, loll. Jerz hasn't sent me ish in a minute but glad he's back. Once again I know why is Shawty Lo on here, its only cuz busta is coming out tomorrow and I support. Plus Gucci is growing on me too. ahah YAE!!!!!

Gucci Mane feat Shawty Lo & Busta Rhymes - Hood Up [Fire]

Colby O'Donis - I Wanna Touch You [Hot Fiya]

KV - Rain On Her [Hot Fiya]

Shouts to Smirf...
Pretty Money feat Trina - Crazy [Fire]

Shouts to Jerz...
Yung Jerz - Conglomerate (Freestyle) [Hot Fiya]

Streetz N Young Deuces (SNYD) Interview

**TooKnown's Interview of the Day**

Started hearin bout these dudes thru my good friend BFochs, and started to vibe to their ish. Dugg it, so after the greatness of Twitter and a simple question, we got this interview poppin off. They dont need no more of an intro so peep this INTERVIEW and cop the track and the mixtape at the bottem. COP EM!..YAE!!!!!

(TooKnown)1. What it is yall? Good looks for takin time out ur busy schedule to do this interview with me. I mean I dont know who doesnt know who yall are, but tell the people who yall are and where yall represent..
(Streetz) Well I am Streetz of Streetz -n- Young Deuces aka SNYD. We are from Milwaukee but we rep the Midwest as a whole!!! We are the next big thing in hip-hop!
(Young Deuces) I'm that one dude from Milwaukee, who reps the midwest soooooo tough, lol I really don't have a name but ppl call me Young Deuces so I'll stick w/

2. How did yall get into the whole rap game??
(YD) By birth...we was born into hip-hop way back in 1986 it was a great but really we was brought right into hip-hop. My pops was a local, respected, Emcee & Dj so I saw the album process first hand ya know!!!
(S) Yea I mean we have been rapping for a long time as kids and we started taking it serious when we got in high school and thats when we formed SNYD as a group. We went hard on the net and we got on the move and started grindin globally!

3. Why decide to be a duo instead of independent artists??
(S) Well we choose to be a duo because its not really 2 many out there and together we compliment each other and our music together showcases that at a high level.
(YD) Yea It just make the movement stronger really!!! I mean you got 2 cats who can write, spit, has charisma, has serious swa.... wait I forgot its the official death of that word, lol we have crazy FLAVOR, and we just have fun....I mean its natural so alone we're strong but together its stronger.
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4. Haha I feel you on that. Have you guys ever been compared to any other rap duo either in the game right now or past??
(YD) We heard em all Mef & Red, Outkast, Young Guns...just recently I heard UGK (R.I.P. Pimp C) , We appreciate it all but we're just, SNYD, we have such a diverse style that we make our own movement...but the thing is all the groups we're compared to are ill groups, groups who is well respected so that's a sign to me.
(S) Yea I've also heard The Clipse and UGK which im very flattered by, but you know we build our brand on being orginal and creating our own thing

5. What would you say your style of rapping is, what influences that style??
(S) I really cant answer that myself I just know we have our own sound but no name for it yet lol.
(YD) I got the name..... WACK!!! Lol nah I'm fuckin around....our style is pure Midwest I mean we some of everything w/us....theirs not one beat that we don't comfortably rock on....we do it all we go a lil chicago in us, a lil Detroit, a lil Gary, a whole lot of Milwaukee ya know just a diverse style...oh and that whole last part deserves a huge....PAUSE!!! Haha

6. I know you guys stay havin crazy music but do you guys have any music videos coming soon?? I got you if yall come to FL loll.
(YD) SNYD T.V. ( should be bookmarked on ya computer but an official video will come soon for this one song this crazy ass banger that goes hard in the strip clubs called "Shawty So Strapped."
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7. I see you guys got a huge drop for the mixtape and its gettin mad hype, other than your mixtape droping REEAL soon, what other projects are lined up??
(YD) At this point its so much we're about to dude its hard to say....we working on Projects w/a lot of People...All Out All Stars, Team Invasion Midwest, more w/The Aphilliates so just stay tuned and keep ya ears open!!!
(S)Also we're doing a lot of writing, so pay attention to that because we're feeding a lot of GEM's to these cats out here...some of your favorite artist's too.

8. I see you worked with Eliseo of Treal, but who else have yall worked with, or want to?
(YD) We've worked a lot w/ our southern fam Yung Texxus & Spark Dawg, we're workin on something Monsterous w/the homie Phoenix Jones (look out for that), shout out to the homie Jeff Johnson our Kentucky brother from another Mother, basically we're tryna work w/Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY!!!

9. How did both of yall come up with or recieve your names??
(S) Well my name is where i learned the most important things in my life. Were SNYD.
(YD) My name has no meaning...I just thought it sound fly lol.
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10. For the past 5-10 years rappers, producers and the fans have been saying that hip hop is dead. Whats your take on that??
(S) Its not dead, just at a period where certain things dont matter at the moment. You know fans go for the new things in music it was a point where everyone was doing the same thing. I think hiph-op right now is looking for something new, its not dead its a stand still i would say.
(YD) Its not dead, its very well alive and kickin...hip-hop isn't just a sound its a style its a movement its a coulture so for hip-hop to be dead their would have to be no more influences, no more affect on the style and way of things, no more lives being changed by it...yet today in 2 double 0-9 that happens all the just because the sound your familiar w/isn't popular by the masses doesn't mean its dead...just means it evolved to somethin new!!!

11. Thanks once again both of yall for doin this interview, last but not least you got any last words or shoutouts??
(YD) Shout out to the whole Midwest, for riding w/us tough and our whole fan base...we love y'all...and the corporate ppl behind us... our management Black Fred & Gizerelli "G.P.", Max Clayman (Missing Link Music) , Troi Dickey (Troi Media Group), Mike Fransz (Crunk Energy Drink), Dj Aspekt (All Out All Stars), Watsman (The Bakery), Mister Marlon (2520Nyc Clothing) and everybody w/the movement and all our Bloggers who fucks w/us BFochs what up!!! Sermon what it do!!! TooKnown thanks my manz!!!
(S) And get your free copy of "Straight Drop Muzik" HERE
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Streetz N Young Deuces feat. Eliseo of Treal - Shawty So Strapped [Hot Fiya]

Sunday, May 17

Shoutouts from Travie from Gym Class Heroes

**TooKnown's Videos of the Day**

The night of the Ear Candy Launch Party w/ DJ Anthony Pisano and Travie from the Gym Class Heroes, GC and I got the honor of gettin shoutouts from that dude Travie. Also got the chance to chill with them all too and theyre whole party and it was too crazy for youtube...ha. Travie was finishing his sentence when a big dumbfuck walked in the way. But the shoutout is still there. Show was tight!!!!!


Shoutouts Manic Productions

White Tee - Superstar Status

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

On this Lazy Sunday not that much new stuff is droppin but my dude White Tee came thru. Shot his new joint thru which is featuring fellow S.O.D. Money Gang member Arab..MIXTAPE DROPPIN SOON!!!!

P.S. Peep the INTERVIEW w/ White Tee

White Tee feat Arab - Superstar Status [Hot Fiya]

Kayo Alcatraz - Fascinated

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got a new Kayo cut for yall this nice Sunday morning. Woke up madd early to find a couple very nice emails and I love that especially on a day off. Ha. Well aside from this cut from Kayo, himself and I are puttin together a mixtape for yall so be on the lookout for that...coming real soon!!!!!

P.S. Peep the INTERVIEW w/ Kayo Alcatraz.

Kayo Alcatraz feat Prove Gotti - Fascinated [Hot Fiya]

Saturday, May 16

Black Congress In the Building....

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new ish from the family over at Black Congress. Plus from BC, Jay Burna, got another single for yall. Honestly this dude is bout to blow...juss watch oh and by the way look out for Burnas new video comin real a shit load of interviews from my family over at Magic City in Miami.....YAE!!!!!!

Black Congress - Miami Girls [Hot Fiya]

Jay Burna - Rolling Stone [Hot Fiya]

Extra Cuts
Kajmir Royale - None of That [Fire]

Young Breed feat. Shonie - Birthday Sex (Remix) [Hot Fiya]

2 New Videos from BFochs...

**TooKnown's Videos of the Day**

BFochs' own keys...
Donny Arcade & Phoenix Jones will be dropping "Machine Killers 2: Bad Robot" is coming soon!!! Phoenix Jones' mixtape "The Family Guy Mixtape" drops Tuesday, May 26th, CLICK HERE to check out the official cover/tracklist!!!!!

Donny Arcade & Phoenix Jones - The Show

Phoenix Jones - U Know

Earth Swag? Naw...I got that Space Swag...YAE!

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got another mixtape for yall.  This one is from tha homie Muzik Fene and its dope. Deff one to check out. Cop it and blast this ish!!!!!
Shouts to MuzikFene...

01.Yung L.A & J.Money - futuristic [Prod.K.E]
02.Kirby - White Friends
03.Shawty Lo - Sick Of Myself [Prod.K.E]
04.P.Dukes - Turnt Up [Prod.Dj Spinz]
05.Yung L.A - Cartoon [Prod.K.E]
06.Sassy - Rock It
07.Eldarado Red - Swag Thru The Roof [Prod.Mike Will]
08.Tracy T Ft.Kollosus - We Got All Dat
09.Prince Lano - Boaw Boaw Boaw [Prod.Drum Majors]
10.9th Ward Ft.Baby Boy - Im Groovy
11.Dem Get-A-Way Boyz - Money I Blow
12.Young Dro Ft. TI - I Do
13.J.Money - Shake & Bake [Prod.Zaytoven]
14.E-Gutta - Narley [Prod.Drum Majors]
15.G-Fresh - Nice Day,Nice Nite
16.Young Squad - Turn Up My Swag [Prod.K.E]
17.Mullage Ft.T.I - For Real
18.Dj Speedy Ft.Ray Rush & Dre City - I See You [Prod.Dj Speedy]
19.Marvelous Ft. Yung Teddy & GMS - Scratchmarks
20.Travis Porter - Fucked In The Car
21.Luney Tunez Ft.The Cancer - In The Air Tonight [Prod.Luney Tunez]