Monday, November 30

Maine Event & Rod (Black Congress) - Drinks On Me

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Did a little shooting with the Black Congress family this Thanksgiving break, and there should be a video coming real soon. Other than that the rest of my break went to shit, thanks to the planning of some people out there. But lets stay on track and stay up with the music, this morning we got some new Maine and Rod from Black Congress, and this one is titled Drinks On Me. Peep it and be on the look out for the video coming real soon....YAE!!!

Maine Event & Rod (Black Congress)- Drinks On Me [Fire]

Sunday, November 29

Friday, November 27

DJ Benzi, Suburban District Ft. StarKrew - Rebels & Conformists

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

"We had the opportunity to link up with DJ Benzi and the upcoming hip-hop group Suburban District for their upcoming mixtape Don't Mind Us We're Just The Future. I've attached the artwork for the project and below you can check out a track titled 'Rebels & Conformists'."

DJ Benzi & Suburban District feat StarKrew - Rebels & Conformists [Fire]

B.o.B. - Nothin On You

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

I hope everyones Thanksgiving was better than mine; I had to sit and watch my Giants lose, AGAIN, and even tho the dinner and family was great, the Giants would of been better. Anyways, on todays plate we got Grand Huslte's newest prodigy B.o.B., and this one is titled Nothin On You. Recently all of dudes tracks to come out were FIRE, so peep this one and dont sleep on the kid, he's about to blow!!!!

B.o.B. feat Bruno Mars - Nothin On You [Hot Fiya]

Thursday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

**TooKnown's Info of the Day**

The picture above is just a reminder of what might occur tonight at 8:30 when the Broncos take on the Giants. Back in Super Bowl XXI they lost 39-20 will that happen again? loll. After you feast on Thanksgiving turkey and what not, why not watch to see what happens; but most importantly enjoy it with family have a great day all!! IM OUT!!!

Wednesday, November 25

Mixtapes On Deck..

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**


Chalie Boy Ft. Punch - I Look Good (Remix)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

From Punch:

"Hope all is well, Ive been working like hell ! out here lately I haven't been letting out music its because Im putting together my Mixtape / Album entitled "A Couples From Showtime" and the studio sessions are expensive and producers are perfectionists so its taking ALOT of time. But in the mean while yall know i work the SHIT outta club records, so i added a verse to The Chalie Boy joint thats been picking up on 106th N Park lately. I thought it was gonna be a throw out for some club spins but I had leaked it on my twitter ( a couple days ago and Chalie Boy / His Management hit me up along with JIVE because it BUZZED LIKE HELL so there going to make a push to clear it and make it an Official " Up North " Remix Verse so along with Slim Thug, Juvenille & Bun B on it theyll blast out the new version with me on it. Either way if it becomes Official or not Im happy with the Progress of it."

Chalie Boy feat Bun B, Punch, Juvenile & Slim Thug - I Look Good (Remix) [Hot Fiya]

Tuesday, November 24

Rolls Royce - Mike Beck Tribute [VIDEO]

**TooKnown's Video of the Day**

New music from Rolls Royce, in the form of a tribute video tho. This one is going out to the one and only Mike Beck who recently passed away, affiliated with K.A.R. & Fat Joe. This one is featuring Mike Beck & The Embassy Elite, the title is On Top of the World and its deff a smooth joint. Peep this and dont forget to show your respects to a rising star, Mike Beck, R.I.P.

Rated R - Review

**FreddyFresh's Review of the Week**

So late last night I finally gave Rihanna's new album a listen and wasnt expecting what I heard at all. This is what happens when you screw around and beat up on your girlfriend; the end result is a pop/R&B powerhouse turned into a BADASS pop/R&B powerhouse. What's even better is that she ventures into new territory with more hip-hop/rap based instrumentals and flows which many pop singers cant do...I mean imagine if Lady Gaga tried to rap...

Cover Art:
I think what Rihanna was going for was the good girl gone bad look and it looks sweet.

Album Length:
I dont listen to too many pop/R&B albums so I'm not too familiar with the length of said albums, but there are 13 cuts on the album and its enough to tide me over.

Top 5 Tracks:
1. Rude Boy
2. Stupid in Love
3. Wait Your Turn
4. Te Amo
5. Photographs (feat.
Runner Up: Russian Roulette

1. Rude Boy - When listening to the album, I found myself LIKING each song but not LOVING any track, but then this song came on. I love the way Rihanna goes on this track, so dirty and gritty with a really sick chorus.

2. Stupid in Love - So...if this isnt a song gunning at Chris Brown...then I didnt get it. Great love ballad towards someone that she truly loves and cherishes, and how hard relationships are.

3. Wait Your Turn - After the intro, I found the album truly began. This song sounds most like previous tracks by Rihanna and basically states "this is who I was...just wait til you see where I'm going with this."

4. Te Amo - The only thing this song is missing is a verse from a TRUE hip hop artist...I dont know, maybe Redman or someone along those lines (I mean Christina got the feature and shes not even half as badass as Rihanna). Truly a gangster bitch ballad.

5. Photographs (feat. - This song took me a few listens to like. I wasnt a huge fan of the shift in the albums mood from the songs previous to this one. But it seems she tries to lighten the track list with another dying love ballad, but instead of singing over a piano or something that would potentially make the track depressing, we get a power pop beat with finishing up the third verse.

Favorite Feature:
I wasnt and am not a huge fan of Young Jeezy, but his verse wasnt TOO BAD (even though he sounds like he always does, and never really changes his vocal range or flow), so I'll give it to him. Maybe I'm more of a fan of Jeezy when hes featured on tracks, rather than a solo album, but we'll save that for another time...

Listen to this album, its truly unexpected and fun to listen to. Definetly a great career choice for Rihanna.

Monday, November 23

GC - Money to Blow

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Yeaaaaa..its been a minute since GC put something out, but this is a good one. Not on his newest mixtape with TopKnotch & DJ Smallz. Check this one out and be on the look out for the long awaited "Swag Or Die" mixtape hosted by DJ Unreal, DJ Papa Smirf & DJ Gorilla. Dont sleep I think GCs back!!!!!

GC - Money to Blow [Fire]

KOB - Beat the Game

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This is a new cut off of KOBs newest project hosted by DJ Warrior & Coast2Coast collabo droppin very soon. Be on the look out for that, but until we get more on that peep this and stay viben to KOB and the artists underground!!!!!

KOB - Beat the Game [Fire]

Sunday, November 22

Videos of the Week are back!!!!! [AGAIN...KINDA]

**TooKnown's Videos of the Week**

I havent really been doing these lately, but every once in a while enough videos get sent my way where I can bless you with them all at once. loll. Going to be busy with pre-pro for the music videos Im working on, and makin the appt. ok for the people who own it...yae! But I got a brand new video for his track Gotta Catch Em All, and some behind the scenes with Juelz and the Young Money family...enjoy!!!

Sunday's Mixtapes..

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**


Saturday, November 21

Lazy Saturday Links...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This week we got a slew of different music for your ears to either enjoy, or bleed, the choice is yours. We got a nice selection of the underground with a little hint of mainstream, be sure to check these, and be on the look out for some new videos headed your way thanks to Manic Productions. If you would like to be a part of these videos contact here
or with the artists Im shooting have a nice and lazy Saturday!!!!

Shanice Atkinson - Hopefully [R&B]

Phar-City feat Range - Part Time Lover [Fire]

Versatile feat Remedi & J.Ivy - Family Business [Fire]

Versatile - Understand [Hot Fiya]

Versatile & Remedi - Hey Girl (Ghost Mix)

Travis Porter - Bananas

Travis Porter - Get Naked

Travis Porter - Go Shorty [Fire]

MSTRKRFT feat Dashius Clay - Heartbreak

Mistah B.N.G. - YouTube Chick

K-Diamonds - All Eyez On Me [Fire]

Kafani feat Gucci Mane & Dorrough - Get That Dough [Fire]

Friday, November 20

Mac Miller - Castle Made Of Sand

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This dude right here is one of my favorite in the underground today, for sure. He comes so lyrical on everything and thats what its about, tellin a story not just about what you got on...even tho, it doesnt hurt with a little bit. Peep this new ish from Mac Miller and be on the look out for "The High Life" dropping Dec, 1st...YAE!!!!

Mac Miller - Castle Made Of Sand [Hot Fiya]

AC - Run & Eat

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Finally got some new ish from that dude AC. Im pretty sure the last bit of music he released was for the 9/11 tribute, which he killled. So peep this new, and show some love to the fucking underground!!!!!

AC - Run & Eat [Fire]

Thursday, November 19

Double D Ft. Swazy Baby - That Loud

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new ish featuring Slip N Slide front runner, Swazy Baby, and its not half bad at all. Take a listen and enjoy some late night leakage. I will be on se from tonight till around tomorrow afternoon so get at me (or the blog) at the email below....YAE!!!!
Double D feat Swazy Baby - That Loud [Hot Fiya]

J the Kidd - Art of Storytelling [MXTAPE]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**


01 - Grown Simba
02 - Lights Please
03 - Breathe Through The Years
04 - The Thrill Is Gone
05 - Doin My Thing
06 - Celebrity
07 - Pussy MVP
08 - Unbelievable
09 - Microwave
10 - Realest Shit I Ever Wrote
11 - The Tonite Show
12 - Outro

Mook N Fair - 2 New Tracks

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Have some new Mook N Fair for the fans thanks to that dude Papa Smirf. Havent heard from him in a minute so this is nice to see. Peep em and show some love!!!!

Mook N Fair - How She Movin [Fire]

Mook N Fair - I Came, I Saw, I Conquered [Fire]

Wednesday, November 18

Spyda - 2 New Tracks

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Its been a minute since we last brought you something new from my dude Spyda. This time I got two brand new joints off of his newest project titled "Fire Hazard." Sounds like its going to be a hott one, so look out for it. But for now, peep these two and show some love to the place that shows it back...YAE!!!!

Spyda - Sex Drive (Fitness Riddim) [Fire]

Spyda - Giddy Gyal (Atmosphere Riddim) [Fire]

Webbz - Go (Freestyle)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new from that dude named Webbz. This morning I am making my way to court to testify against something a dumb bitch had to bring into my life, cuz her and her bf weren't able to handle each-other. If your smart enough you can put the puzzle together, but peep this ish and let it help me GO away from the court system....AHHHhhh!!!!!

Webbz - Go (Freestyle) [Fire]

Tuesday, November 17

Franchise - Money, Sex, & Drugs: The EP [MIXTAPE]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Big Herk - Do What You Do

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

"This weeks song is "Do What You Do" by Big Herk. The song was taken from Big Herk's 'Still Guilty: Da Undaground LP & DVD'"

Big Herk - Do What You Do [Fire]

Monday, November 16

Rolls Royce - 2 New Remixes

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new ish from my dude Rolls Royce. This time he gets on two NEW joints to please your ears. This dude is putting out lots of music lately. He's working on a new mixtape "Rising Icon" that will be coming out very soon; so be on the look out for that. But for now, peep these and dont forget to show some love!!!!


Rolls Royce - Bedrock [Fire]

Rolls Royce - Im Good [Fire]

Owl City Ft. Jay Burna - Fireflies (Remix)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new ish from my dude Jay Burna, this one is madddd different but Im really feelin it. This time he jumps on more of a pop-y beat and he still does his thing for sure. Like I keep saying, stay on the look out for the new video coming from Manic Productions and Jay real soon, Rolling Stones lets goo!!!!

Owl City feat Jay Burna - Fireflies (Remix) [Fire]

Sunday, November 15

Falside - Five Finger Discount [MIXTAPE]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**


1.) FFD Intro
2.) Sean Price - "60 bar Dash"
3.) Ill Bill, Thekeenone, B-Real (Cypress Hill), Reg Riddem - "Hit That Shit"
4.) Reason - "Dead T-Shirts"
5.) The Beatnuts - "Props Over Here"
6.) FFD Interlude
7.) Kev Brown - "Always"
8.) Blak Madeen - "No Good"
9.) Amadeus The Stampede - "The 10th Jewel"
10.) The High and Mighty - "Hands On Experience "
11.) J-Live - "Walkman Music"
12.) Storm Davis and Reason - "Keep It Over There"
13.) Dirty Hank Ft. Rite Hook - "Main Attraction"
14.) Bonus Track - Lil Wayne - "A Millie"

DJ Omega Red & DJ Lexus - Street Phenomenon [MIXTAPE]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Download Here!!!!

Saturday, November 14

Lazy Saturday Links...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

With no clothes to wear and the house partied out, I think its time to clean. So today Im leaving you with these joints to chill and puff on. They arent that bad, some better than others, but remember that this is the Underground were talking some fuckin love and have a wonderful Lazy Saturday!!!!!

Purp Reynolds feat Hop Da Great - Veteran

Purp Reynolds - Yeah [Fire]

King Magnetic - Bad Intentions

Jesse McCartney feat T-Pain - Body Language (Remix) [Fire]

Blak Madeen feat Stu Cat - Hold On [Fire]

Mob Boss - Sum Sum

Maaly - Jack Trippa [Fire]

Markiest Da Sanga - Vickies [Fire]

Skoolboy - Retarded

Friday, November 13

Beedie Ft. Jev The Ghost - Fly

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This is a new joint coming right off of his latest release, "Most Slept On." Beedie stays goin crazy on tracks, I cant wait to hear what he comes up with his tape does so well in the streets. Not to be ironic or anything but dont sleep on this kid for real, the underground is coming!!!!

Beedie feat Jev The Ghost - Fly [Fire]

JD Era - Friday the 13th

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

"When the world thought that Jason Voorhees aka "Jason" was dead. Little did they know that he would be reincarnated in form of a lyrical assassin in Toronto's next up "JD ERA". Sirmac TV is proud to have the exclusive "Friday the 13th" single from JD ERA & DJ DAX-"TH1RT3EN" mix-tape slated for a Nov 20 release"

JD Era - Friday the 13th [Hot Fiya]

Thursday, November 12

Music 4 tha Mynd Pt. 5 [MIXTAPE]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**


Rolls Royce - Whatcha Say

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Here is something brand new from my dude Rolls Royce, reppin 305 to the fullest. In this one he takes over Jason Derulo's Whatcha Say, and I can say he does his thing on this one for sure. But there is a screenshot from our past video up for a reason. We are currently in pre-production of our next video, so like I said in the past couple of posts, theres some new videos coming...YAE!!!!!

Rolls Royce - Whatcha Say [Hot Fiya]

B.O. Ft. Chaos (of GrindMode), C Ride, D Shep, Fella (of DunkRyders) - Tear My Ass (Remix)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new ish from my peoples down south. Lots of love from FL on this song and thats what I love to see, lots of dope artists coming together to make a hot track. Make sure to peep this and to NOT sleep on it. Oh and check back for some new videos coming real soon, and some even featuring artists on this track....LETS GOO!!!!!

B.O. feat Chaos (of GrindMode), C Ride, D Shep, Fella (of DunkRyders) - Tear My Ass (Remix) [Hot Fiya]

Wednesday, November 11

Trae Ft. Slim Thug, Plies, Brian Angel & Joedci - Something Real

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Some new hot ish from the south, Texas to be exact. Trae gets a bunch of his fellow southerners to join him on this banger. Peep it, you know you dont wanna miss out on this. Have a great Veteran's Day playing CODMW2!!!!

Trae feat Slim Thug, Plies, Brian Angel & Jodeci - Something Real [Hot Fiya] - Cyber Sex [MIXTAPE]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tuesday, November 10

Big Herk - There They Go

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**
For some reason Sharebee isnt working today so we'll be using Usershare until its back to normal.
"This weeks song is There They Go, which Big Herk is featured on alongside Obie Trice and Eminem. This song was on Obie Trice's album "Second Rounds On Me"."

Dont forget to check him outtt!! - MYSPACE / TWITTER

Big Herk - There They Go [Hot Fiya]

Before I Self Destruct - Review

**FreddyFresh's Review of the Week**

Well 50 Cent had all his fans waiting for this record ever since "Curtis" dropped in 2007. I can safely say that 50 hasnt really matured per se, but he's back to his old ways, whether thats good or bad...I thoroughly enjoyed the album, but just as I thought, he hasnt reached that peak again that he had with "Get Rich or Die Tryin" or even "The Massacre." But it leaves a better taste in your mouth than the previous album did, and thats good enough for me.

Album Art:
When I was first shown the album artwork, I instantly thought of Terminator. Very awesome and unique...

Album Length:
The albums length is solid with 16 cuts, and about half of the album truly delivers.

Top 5 Tracks:
1. Psycho (feat. Eminem)
2. So Disrepectful
3. Death to My Enemies
4. Stretch
5. Gangsta's Delight

1. Psycho (feat. Eminem) - I think Em brings out the best in 50 with every track they do together (Crack a Bottle, Patiently Waiting, Gatman and Robbin, Peep Show, etc) which hints to me that he needs to collab with him on more than just 1 track. The great thing about this track is it bumps hard, the chorus is hot, and Em kills it.

2. So Disrespectful - This puts a staple in my belief that 50 is far better at writing choruses than writing verses, this chorus is SICK.

3. Death to My Enemies - Just like how it sounds...50 takes aim at his enemies and destroys them on this track.

4. Stretch - This reminds me most of the 50 I miss most. This sounds like it belonged on Get Rich...

5. Gangsta's Delight - Dr. Dre + a hot chorus = a potential club banger

Favorite Feature:
Well....the album does feature Ne-Yo & R.Kelly, but you just cant stop Eminem and 5o when they do a track together...and with Dre's production...unstoppable.

Monday, November 9

Massive Trip - Tony For Mayor Vol. 4 [MIXTAPE]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**


Belly - What A World Freestyle [VIDEO]

**TooKnown's Video of the Day**

Mac Miller - Miley Cyrus

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Here goes another single from that dude Mac Miller. He has a new project coming out titled "The High Life," but unfortunately this wont be on there. Oh and yea hes goin in on a Miley Cyrus beat, AND KILLS IT. To all the weed smokers, if you dont chill to this, there is clearly something wrong with you...haha..enjoy and have a great monday!!!!

Mac Miller - Miley Cyrus [Hot Fiya]

Sunday, November 8

Mista Mac - Soda Pop

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Havent heard anything new from Poe Boy in a minute, but right here, Mista Mac is holdin it down for their camp. I think Ima take the rest of the day off, got a shoot tonight so Ima rest, but yall have a great sunday...and like I said some love to the underground!!!!!

Mista Mac - Soda Pop [Fire]

Trina - Miami State of Mind

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This song is a classic on its own, lots of people are doin their own remixes, but none like this. This one is featuring some of the undergrounds finest, AND its talkin bout that area that so many people are familiar with, MIAMI. So hold it down if you from around town and show some love to the underground!!!!

Trina - Miami State of Mind [Fire]

Saturday, November 7

Lazy Saturday Links...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Had class earlier today but the rest of the day is going to be pretty filled up. I got around 3-4 Music videos/interviews to plan so Im leaving these to you today to relax and chill to. Did yall hear about the shooting in Orlando yesterday? To all those involved, prayers go out to you. Have a peaceful and Lazy Saturday.

Trick Trick feat Big Herk - Gangsta Roll [Fire]

G-Mack feat Gucci Mane - How Bout You [Fire]

CIty of God - HMG (High Maintenance Girl)

Sheek Louch feat Joell Ortiz, Red Cafe, Cassidy, Styles P. & Lil Wayne - Gun You Down (Massive Trip Remix)

Jadakiss feat Busta Rhymes, Yo Gotti, Plies & Ray J - Blockstars (Massive Trip Remix)

Wally - Im an Alien [Fire]

Lil Joe - Murder Musik

Friday, November 6

Cause - I Am Us [MUSIC VIDEO]

**TooKnown's Video of the Day**

Flystars - I Smoke Weed

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Finally have the house to myself again, this weekend should be nice. If I dont post a lot, it might be because of this song...loll. So peep it and show some love to all the WEED SMOKERS!!!!

Flystars - I Smoke Weed [Hot Fiya]

Thursday, November 5

Webbz - Forever (Freestyle)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Look whos part of another mixtape again, DJ Smallz. This time him and Webbz are coming with "Gods Plan," but before that drops here is something to hold you over. Peep it and dont forget to show some love....YAE!!!!

Webbz - Forever (Freestyle) [Fire]

JD Era - Friday The 13th Preview [VIDEO]

**TooKnown's Video of the Day**

Wednesday, November 4

Boo Rossini - Checkin' On My Hoes

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This is day 3 of USDA's "30 Days & 30 Nights." This track is talking about some real issues. But as we speak, in the works are a couple of videos that are coming to a media player near you. Ask Jay Burna or GC what Im talkin about....loll....YAE!!!!

Boo Rossini - Checkin' On My Hoes [Hot Fiya]