Monday, February 28

Qewl Miles - UnOutDoAble

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new ish from my homie Qewl Miles. This time he switches up his flow up with some smooth, radio type ish. Cop this one, and be on the look out for more coming from dude real soon!!!

Qewl Miles - UnOutDoAble [Fire]

Friday, February 25

New Breed Ft. Ace Hood - Dont Fit

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

I know Ive been slackin this week like crazy, and were really sorry for that happening. But when a sickness takes over you its kinda hard to continue on alone. Read more about it tomorrow. But right here we have another assisted joint with New Breed and P.Smirf backing it. Ace Hood is the feature and taking about money is what theyre doing. Manic Productions and New Breed are talking right now about shooting this video, so be on the look out for that coming real fuckin soon!!!

New Breed feat Ace Hood - Dont Fit [Fire]

Wednesday, February 23

#TorreyTeeTuesdays : Torrey Tee - Open Letter (To Sacramento) / Luv U Better (2011)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

*cough*cough* Its good to be back on the blog this week, sorry about the missing posts the past couple of days. Ive had this ish goin on inside me and it feels like Im exploding, but hopefully these meds keep working. Regardless, that wasnt the reason the #TorreyTeeTuesday post was absent, Torrey was busy shooting for the VIDEO for the track below. So peep last weeks, this weeks, and the video that Torrey put together himself. But be on the look out for the Manic Productions & Torrey Tee collabo coming real soon!!!

Torrey Tee - Open Letter (To Sacramento) [Hot Fiya]

Torrey Tee - Luv U Better [Fire]

Saturday, February 19

Lazy Saturday Links...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

M-Bass - Drop Down [Fire]

Corey feat MDoubleU - Lost In the Music

J-Swift feat Javon Black - Heatin' It Up

Billionaire Buxx - Fire Flame Freestyle

Bueno feat Lil Eddie - That Good [Fire]

Haze - Im Da Shit [Fire]

Kid Ink feat Gudda Gudda - Bathroom

Illin' P - Tangent Flow [Fire]

DJ SussOne feat French Montana, Bun B & Young Dose - Buku Money

Friday, February 18

Trai'D Ft. T-Pain & Twista - Drop

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This hook is deff on some other ish. But with T-Pain and Twista killing it on this track, its hard to turn away. Not gunna lie tho, this dude isnt bad, Im diggin it. Peep this track, and deff be on the look out for more from dude coming real sooon!!!

Trai'D feat T-Pain & Twista - Drop [Hot Fiya]

Thursday, February 17

Uno Hype - Pieces

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This dude is only 17 but he's spittin like he's already an old head in the game. Regardless of how old you are or where you from, these dudes lyrics are real down to earth and his flow is enjoyable, its something smooth to jam to for sure. Cop this one and like I always say, be on the look out for the underground and kids like Uno, they're the future!!!

Uno Hype - Pieces [Hot Fiya]

Wednesday, February 16

Attitude Ft. Laws - Music is My Girlfriend

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Heard this track a couple days ago, thought it was smooth as hell. Thought about it a little, and I wouldnt mind if music was my girlfriend. I mean I already got a girl, MJ and she treats me right, but Ill keep music as my sidechick..word up! Cop this one and let us know what you think!!!

Attitude feat Laws - Music is My Girlfriend [Fire]

J Griff Ft. St. Laz & Nico Da Beast - Hitlist

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Never heard of J Griff or Nico, but my dude St. Laz Ive been listening to for a minute. It has a pretty Wellknown sample, but they do their thing on this for sure. Peep it, cop it , do what you do, but always show some love to the underground!!!

J Griff feat St. Laz & Nico Da Beast - Hitlist [Hot Fiya]

Tuesday, February 15

Maine Event, R.O.D. & Jay Burna - Black Congress Party

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Heres some new from my people over at Black Congress Music Group. Maine Event and I have been talking recently so be on the look out for a dope project dropping from us real soon. In the mean time cop this and all other Black Congress music on the web right now and be on the look out for that dude Jay Burna, hes a problem!!!

Maine Event, R.O.D. & Jay Burna - Black Congress Party [Fire]

Monday, February 14

Torch Ft. Red Cafe, Pusha T & Masspike Miles - Round & Round

the new Maybach Music Group (Torch, Meek Mill, Wale, Gun Play)
**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

With his EP dropping, were giving you this last taste until you go and download the whole project. For this one he got a couple big features, talking Red Cafe and Pusha T, Masspike Miles is also on there but thats nothing when your on the same label. Check this late night leak out and be sure to cop the tape here as well...DO IT!!!

Torch feat Red Cafe, Pusha T & Masspike Miles - Round & Round [Hot Fiya]

Freddy Fresh & TooKnown - Tha Dark Knights [MIXTAPE]

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

IT IS FINALLY HERE!!! This was our last scheduled mixtape, made up in Orlando FL while me and Fred attended school. We did have a couple big features planned, but just like last time we might not see those happen. Regardless, this is probably our best project to date, and for the record this wont be our last. So enjoy this download, check out the rest of our stuff, and be on the look out for more coming from us real soon; including Videos and more music. Thanks again to all the loyal fans, but until next time!!!


Saturday, February 12

Lazy Saturday Links...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Dave Raps - The DeLorean [Fire]

J Cutta - Wowl Out

Trina - Ass On the Floor (Remix)

Yung Cyph - Never Seen

Varsity Squad - 93 Til Infinity Freestyle [Fire]

Phat Peazy - Sip Sipn Away (New England Remix) [Fire]

USDA - I Mean It

Scotty Boi feat Rick Ross & Terry Bennett - Luxurious

Dolla Boy feat Tity Boi - Get My Grind On [featureFire]

Quise (Duece Pound) feat Rick Ross - Let Down the Top [featureFire]

Dave Raps - Do it Right

Balboa 609 - Square One

Sean Hines feat Masspike Miles - Residuals [Fire]

A.M.P. - Imma G [Fire]

S.o.S & Rob Acosta - Roll Up (Remix)

H20 feat Bruno Mars - Turn Me On [Fire]

Masspike Miles - Walked Away [Fire]

Friday, February 11

J.Nolan - Round

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got something new from that guy J.Nolan. This is the last one were getting before his latest project drops  the 22nd. Its always a pleasure to post up that underground heat, so enjoy this one. Cop it, peep it, but like we always say over here, make sure you show the underground some fuckin love!!!

J.Nolan - Round [Hot Fiya]

Torch (TripleC's) Ft. Rick Ross - Realer-State

the new Maybach Music Group (Torch, Meek Mill, Wale, Gun Play)
**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Its been a while since Ive gotten something from Triple C's or from one of them solo, so its good to get a dope track like this. Of course it has a Ross feature, but why not when he's there anyways. Cop this new one from the Maybach Music Group artist, and be on the look out for bigger moves coming from them real soon!!!

Torch (TripleC's) feat Rick Ross - Realer-State [Fire]

Wednesday, February 9

HTC Ft. Toe Down & Schife - Flossin'

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Heres another late night leak for all those night owls doin their thing, gettin the grind in. Speakin of putting in work, that dude Schife has been doin his thing for a while now. After workin with him you can just tell hes ready to move on to the next step. So with all that said, its only right that after all that time and hard work they get to spend a little of their earnings. Peep this, and if your a BOSS just like them then blast this out your car too...DO IT!!!

HTC feat Toe Down & Schife - Flossin' [Fire]

Qewl Miles - That'll Get It

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Sometimes all it takes is an email and some music thats easy to listen too. But for starters the beat is deff on some hype type ish, Im diggin it. Im not going to lie tho he's no Jay Z, but this dude has something goin for him for sure. Be on the look out for more from him coming soon, and like I always say, show some love to the underground!!!

Qewl Miles - That'll Get It [Fire]

Tuesday, February 8

#TorreyTeeTuesdays : Torrey Tee - Im Loaded (Freestyle)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

With a story like this record, it should of gotten an automatic 4:20 post. But with the state of mind I have been in for the past couple of days, got me feeling like Ive been loaded for months. Regardless my dude comes thru once again for his #TorreyTeeTuesdays post and this time jumping on something Im thinkin everyone can vibe to. So cop this one and be sure to come back for next weeks exclusive!!!

Torrey Tee - Im Loaded [Fire]

Saturday, February 5

Lazy Saturday Links...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Tolly - Shut 'Em Down

Sean Kingston feat Akon - You Girl [Fire]

J Kwon - Yeah

DJ K-Matic feat Mack Maine & Brisco - Brotherhood [Fire]

GunPlay feat Waka Flocka Flame - Rollin'

Duce Pound feat Rick Ross - Money in da Wallz

Young Jeezy - Hustle Hard (G-Mix) [Fire]

Young Jeezy - Start It Up (G-Mix) [Fire]

Play n Skillz feat Snoop Dogg - Things We Do

Lloyd Banks feat Jeremih - I Don't Deserve You (DJ Semi Throwback Remix)

Clinton Sparks feat Akon - Unless We Fuckin

Kie Money feat Qwote - Make It Hot [Fire]

Kevin Cossom - Black N Yellow [Fire]

Jay-Z feat Twista, Frank Knight, Papoose, Busta Rhymes, 40 Cal & Chingy - H.A.M. (Massive Trip Remix)

Keith Murray - Beauty Rest [Fire]

Criminal Manne feat 8Ball & Tity Boi - Living

Thursday, February 3

T-West - Black History Month 2011

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

We have reached that time of year where all white people, who are obviously racist, become the "black peoples" best friend. Now, I know how racist that entire sentence sounded, but trust me I am no racist. Which ever side of the fence you are on, make sure to cop this track by that dude T-West in perfect timing, and always show some love to the underground!!!

T-West - Black History Month 2011 [Fire]

Wednesday, February 2

J.Nolan - How it Feels

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Have been posting this kids ish for a minute now and he has yet to let me down. So deff check this joint out, with a dope producer that hails from Poland this is one off his newest concoction; The Loose Files. Enjoy this one and make sure you go cop that tape when it drops real soon!!!

J.Nolan - How it Feels [Fire]

The Prince Hollywood - *NEW ARTIST ALERT*

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Heres a new kid to the blog, brought to my attention by a very close friend of mine. He goes by the name of The Prince Hollywood. He was born and raised on 9th ave in the area known as Competition Park in Ocala Fl. Less than two years ago he was signed to a label, and practically had a Top 40 crossover hit with Pleasure P titled Turn Off the Lights produced by The Justice League. Now that he is back on his grind, we will be seeing a lot more of him. Be sure to come back here for that exclusive and make sure to always show some love to the underground..DO IT!!!

The Prince Hollywood - Coming to Get Me

The Prince Hollywood - Hangover [Fire]

Tuesday, February 1

#TorreyTeeTuesdays : Torrey Tee - Hustle Hard (Freestyle)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Yes, were a little late with this one, but my dude had an epic release party. Anyways, peep this first installment of #TorreyTeeTuesdays; come back every week for the next installment. Yes the beat is almost played out, and yes there are a lot of artists doing the weekly drop thing, but this dude has been grindin for a minute and I respect his hustle; deff show some support!!!

Torrey Tee - Hustle Hard (Freestyle) [Fire]