Tuesday, August 30

Flo Rida - Good Feeling

TooKnown & Flo Rida @ Lil E Class Birthday Bash
**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Its been a minute since Ive heard some new new from Flo, but Im glad to see him back in the studio. Lately he's been signing a lot of artists a focusing on them more than himself, note the absent of his music. But even though Flo has gone hella commercial Im still diggin it. I still do wish he would go back to his "Birthday Remix" days, thats the Flo I was down with. Peep this new ish off that "Part 2" coming out real soon...DO IT!!!!

Flo Rida - Good Feeling [Hot Fiya]

Saturday, August 27

Lazy Saturday Links...(The Happy Birthday? Edition)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Tomorrow is my Birthday, nbd...

Qewl Miles - Tell My Time (M.O.E.) [Fire]

Rob Acosta - Respect The Jux (Freestyle)

Rob Acosta - Ghetto Dreaming [Fire]

Veedo Rich - Its My Year

Pyrex Pre$$ feat Teazo, Cashtro & Ray Al - Feet Off The Ground/Young & Arrogant [Fire]

J NICS - Till Death (Freestyle) [Fire]

Sayitaintone feat Big Sean - My Closet [Fire]

Sean Hines feat Hit - Next Level

Pyrex Pre$$ feat YD & Young B - $ho Boat

E.D.G.E. (Eternal Determination Grants Everything) - Overdose [Fire]

Ca$ino - Life [Fire]

DJ Scream feat 2Chainz, Stuey Rock, Yo Gotti, Future & Gucci Mane - Shinin'

Big Page feat Bobby V - Gangsta Girl

Kid Ink - Party Everywhere [Hot Fiya]

Fabolous feat Red Cafe & Trey Songz - Sicker Than Your Average [Fire]

Wednesday, August 24

Tory Lanez - Niggas In Paris (Freestyle)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new ish from that dude Tor Lanez, the Time Is Money ENT. front runner. This one obviously a freestyle over the very popular Otis beat, but to me any track he gets on it'll sound dope. Peep this and make sure to cop that new ish right here...DO IT!!!

Tory Lanez - Niggas In Paris (Freestyle) [Fire]

Monday, August 22

DJ Sam Sneak Ft. Meek Mill, Young Breed & Ace Hood - Lay It Down

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Sam Sneak's first big single featuring a couple big names, and one of them not being the BOSS? Nevertheless he did manage to get some MMG on the track, and combined with some We The Best we have a perfect recipe for a hit single. Peep this ish and be on the look out for more from Sneak coming real soon!!!

DJ Sam Sneak feat Meek Mill, Young Breed & Ace Hood - Lay It Down [Fire]

Saturday, August 20

Lazy Saturday Links...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Pyrex Pre$$ - Jumpball

Shizzie feat S.B. - Err Day [Fire]

(#DAVEDAZE 27-30)

Dave Raps - Airline Show [Fire]

Dave Raps - Reflections

Dave Raps - Virgin Girl

Dave Raps - Home Of The Brave [Fire]

Sean Hines - It Feels Good [Fire]

Reality Laster - A Duffle Bag Aint Big Enuff

Frank Anthony feat Tyga - Rubbing Off On You

French Montana feat 2 Chainz & Soulja Boy - Whip

GhostWridah feat Brisco - Break My Heart (Freestyle) [Fire]

Shad Black - Get Familiar

Gilbere Forte - I Be (On My Chill)

Wednesday, August 17

Jordan Hollywood - Ladies Love Me (Freestyle)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Never really heard of this cat, but like a lot of the new "white" rappers out there, the buzz off the ground is great but lets see how long he can stay relevant. Peep this lil freestyle and hopefully dude drops some original soon for us to check out...DO IT!!!

Jordan Hollywood - Ladies Love Me (Freestyle) [Fire]

Tuesday, August 16

Benjamin Miles & Eddie Logix - Meaningful Work

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This cut is off a project that comes out a day after my born day, August 29th. The tape is called "Play it Forward" a very nice play on words. Ive never really heard of dudes tho, and that probably goes for you as well, so peep this ish and deff show the underground some love!!!

Benjamin Miles & Eddie Logix - Meaningful Work [Fire]

Saturday, August 13

Lazy Saturday Links...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Noralynn feat Tity Boi (aka 2Chainz) - We Know E'rbody

Ja Rule feat Harry-O & Merc Montana - Fuck'em All [Fire]

Whyl Chyl - My Last Freestyle

(#DAVEDAZE 21-26)

Dave Raps - '96 Sh*t

Dave Raps - Money Luther King

Dave Raps - Rich Nixon

Dave Raps - Black Magic

Dave Raps - To Live & Die in L.A. [Fire]

Dave Raps - Cashmere Dreams

S.o.S feat Rob Acosta - Hudson River Drive

Sean Hines - Up Top Boys

Young Wild - Twit Pic Ya Body

Maine Event feat ROD & Maxamillian - Paid The Cost [Fire]

Twixx - Trust Issues (Freestyle) [Fire]

Wednesday, August 10

Whyl Chyl Ft. Brisco - Otis (Freestyle)

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Got some new ish from Flo's newest investment, Whyl Chyl. Ive only posted his ish a couple of times, but Im really interested to see how he sounds on his own music. Flo Rida has a lot to work on these days, putting on for lots of artists as well as performing in his own music career, so madd props to dude for never missing a step. Peep or cop this one with that goon Brisco, and deff make sure to be on the look out for more coming from IMG / Strong Arm family coming real soon..DO IT!!!

Whyl Chyl feat Brisco - Otis Freestyle [Fire]

Whyl Chyl - Im On One

Tuesday, August 9

Shad Black Ft. Vado - Not 4 Children

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

In a couple days, Shad's mixtape comes out titled "The Black Market 2." I never really heard much from either of these guys, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Yea I know Vado was on the Freshman list, I just never really got into his music; but this track might have changed that. But make sure to peep this one and like always, show some love to the underground!!!

Shad Black feat Vado - Not 4 Children [Fire]

Saturday, August 6

Lazy Saturday Links...

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

Yung B Da Producer - Like This and Like That [Fire]

#DAVEDAZE (13-20)

Dave Raps - Motivated [Fire]

Dave Raps - Etiquette [Fire]

Dave Raps - Less Fight, More Light

Dave Raps - The Deep End

Dave Raps - ZSHFE [Fire]

Dave Raps - Pimp Voice

Dave Raps - Daredevil [Fire]

Dave Raps - No Cure [Fire]

Shad Back - N.H.R. (No Hook Required)

Magnificent Ruffians - The Jitterbug

Pyrex Pre$$ feat YD & Kilz - Robes & Slippers

French Montana feat Waka Flocka - Move Dat Cane

Mistah Fab feat T-Pain - City Lights [Hot Fiya]

Thursday, August 4

J NiCS - A Rapper From Miami

**TooKnown's Leak of the Day**

This week has been almost dead over at TKWK, we have been hella busy gearing up for some new releases. Nevertheless I felt like I needed to post this one, not only because its that dope underground vibe, but simply because of the title. Lots of people claim they're a rapper from Miami but not too many prove it. Peep this one and be on the look out for a few brand new things coming this week!!!

J NiCS - A Rapper From Miami [Fire]